Joe Biden Rails Against “Illegals,” Calls For 700 Mile Border Fence In Resurfaced 2006 Video – Party Politics are KAYFABE.

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Here we see Biden give a speech to donors that is basically MAGA doctrine today. Illegals and drug cartels are wrecking the country with faulty border security. Build that Wall. Protect American values. Sounds familiar, right?

It is amazing how many of us—even as we rail against the swamp and MSM—still buy into the polarized narrative of party politics. It is a narrative that is 100% shaped by the coordinated efforts of MSM and the swamp. It’s a prepared script, and every time we prop it up here we feed the beast they both serve.

More proof Biden is just another insider shill in the service of the real power behind the KAYFABE of partisan politics? Watch this episode of the Dollop on the Clarence Thomas confirmation. The Kavanaugh confirmation was a reboot of the Thomas confirmation.

Hollywood can’t come up with original story ideas anymore these days and neither can Washington.

Here’s the deal:

We talk about “red-pilling” and waking up to truth, but the truth about how DC and MSM coordinate to create a “show” of politics somehow continually escapes us.

There’s a deep irony here. In the Matrix, Neo takes the red-pill to wake up to the tyranny of the machine-side of the war. But zoom out on the plot – the red-pill brings him into yet another layer of the grand system of control that he ultimately services with his actions. The red pill is part of the machine plot!

The same thing is going on here and we’re too wrapped up in politics to see it. Too forgiving of shills that parrot the “side” we think has our best interests.


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