Joe Biden Regrets Not Running For President, but Does America Feel the Same?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
During a Friday speaking event at Colgate University, former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he regretted his decision to not run for President during the 2016 election. He stated his prior plans to run for office and believes that he “could have won.” Biden elaborated, claiming that he was “the best qualified.” Is this his way of acknowledging how inane it was for Democrats to elect Hillary Clinton (one of the most loathed politicians in American history) as their nominee?
Apparently, Biden was seriously considering his bid for the Presidency, before the death of his son Beau Biden. When Beau passed away in 2015, Biden was plighted with grief and decided not to run for office. Beau’s death is tragic and he will surely be missed by many, but Biden’s decision not to seek the Presidency was the correct one. Americans have suffered dearly as a result of liberal policies; Biden would have continued Obama’s ‘legacy’ and failed principles of action.

The former Vice President’s remarks generated much conversation. Biden’s favorability among Democrats is much higher than Clinton’s. A plethora of liberals detested Clinton enough to cast votes for President Trump and Clinton’s superdelegates angered many Bernie supporters. Some people have argued that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who could not have beaten President Trump. A election of Trump vs. Biden would have been closer than Trump vs. Clinton, due to the Bernie support transferring to Biden, but the President would have undoubtedly prevailed. The past eight years have demonstrated the utter lack of success that serves as a tragic offshoot to Democratic policies.
It comes as somewhat of a surprise that one of the people who wished for Biden to run for office was a Republican. Conservative strategist and commentator, Ana Navarro declared her hopes for Biden to seek the Presidency. Navarro was taken by Biden’s “authenticity” and “capacity to show human emotion.” Although Navarro disagrees with Biden on policy issues, she admires his spontaneity and ability to aid grieving individuals. She also noted Biden’s ability to relate to everyday Americans, unlike Hillary Clinton. Biden is probably one of the few Democrats who could attract the support of lifelong Republicans.
So the ultimate question remains: Will Joe Biden run for office in 2020? Of course, only time will tell. For awhile, it appeared as though Democrats would groom Elizabeth Warren as their 2020 nominee, but she was recently branded as “too extreme” by members of her own party. Joe Biden will be 78 years in 2020; if he were to run (and win), he would be the oldest person ever elected to the Presidency.

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3 thoughts on “Joe Biden Regrets Not Running For President, but Does America Feel the Same?

  1. If Biden had decided to run, chances are we would have President Sanders now.
    In the primaries, the establishment vote would have been split between Hitlery and Biden, allowing Sanders to unite everyone else behind him.
    Probably they would have been defeated so much that even the superdelegates couldn’t “fix” it.
    In the general election, Sanders would probably have defeated Trump because the “anyone but THEM” vote wouldn’t have gone to Trump as unanimously as it did.
    He might have been good – but probably he’d have made the same mistakes as Carter, and appointed a load of establishment shills (possibly including Biden and/or Hitlery) to his cabinet to “unite the party”, giving them the chance to essentially steal control from him.
    Which, come to think of it, seems to be happening to Trump as well – whatever happened to “drain the swamp”, “lock her up” and “no more empire building” [contrast that to what’s actually happening in Syria now]?
    I hope Trump will catch up and deliver on those 3 promises – he still has some time…
    But if he doesn’t, maybe Biden should have run (and been defeated).

  2. Biden is probably finding it a little more risky to fondle children inappropriately when you’re no longer in a position of power.

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