Joe Biden ‘wouldn’t be the nominee’ if FBI properly looked at ‘laptop from hell’

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Joe Biden wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee for President had the FBI “acted on” the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” when it received it in December 2019, according to Sky News contributor and New York Post columnist Miranda Devine.

Ms Devine and former Labor Party strategist Bruce Hawker clashed in a fiery post-debate showdown about the veracity of the New York Post article detailing Mr Biden’s alleged corrupt activities through his son Hunter Biden.

She said, during the debate President Donald Trump “introduced Americans” to the story which they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access because the “rest of the media has decided to hide, and run cover for the Bidens”.

“Trump did a good job of introducing to the American people to millions of people who haven’t been able to hear our story … because they’ve been censored,” Ms Devine said.

“Then you’ve had Facebook and Twitter who have censored the New York Post stories.

“That’s reprehensible and quite scary”.

Mr Hawker said the story has appeared quite late in the election cycle which raises alarm bells over its veracity, but Ms Devine said the FBI had the laptop late in 2019.

“If the FBI had had acted on what was on there, we would have had a very different situation now,” she said.

“Probably Joe Biden wouldn’t have been the nominee.”



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