Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the media has “never been as untrustworthy as it is now”

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IF THE MEDIA ACTUALLY COVERED THE LEFT, INSTEAD OF COVERING UP FOR THEM, THE FRAUD AND CORRUPTION TRAIN WOULD BE DONE:  Two Bidens and a Toobin: Could Trump have scripted these last two weeks any better?

DEFUND NPR NOW:  State-funded NPR refuses to cover Hunter Biden story, calling it a ‘waste of time’.

Mind you, screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia” for years was totes not a waste of time. Totes.

Media Runs Wild With VP of College Dems of Indiana’s Fake Texts With Rudy Giuliani.

Check this Out: Liberal Media Who Are Livestreaming the Debates Are Limited WHO Can Comment on the Livestream to “Selected Individuals”

“It’s been clear since the 2016 election that NPR will not report on anything that would hurt Democrats. Because of such willful neglect, NPR should not receive another cent from the taxpayers”




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