Joe Biden’s America! Democrat Leaders calling for our nation to burn!

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Probably the sickest video I have ever watched


JIM TREACHER: Colorado Woman Beats Up Child for Carrying Trump Sign.

And get ready for more of this madness. Just today, WaPo has informed us:

This sounds like extortion, doesn’t it? “Vote for our team or there’ll be trouble.” And it’s a tacit admission that Trump supporters won’t get violent if he loses. That would poke a hole in the ol’ liberal media narrative, if they allowed themselves to stop for a minute and think about it.

Could somebody please explain to me why I should vote for a political party that’s expected to explode into even more rioting, looting, public assaults, and other chaos if they lose? I will not be coerced, by either side. If you can’t earn my vote, you’re not going to get it under threat of violence.


Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Have Turned Against Black Lives Matter

MATT MARGOLIS: Jesse Watters Destroys Biden’s Attempt To Brand Civil Unrest ‘Trump Riots.’




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