Joe Biden’s winning Build Back Better reaches a milestone: 1st Time in US history all 50 states have $4.00+ gas

Gas prices have now topped $4 in ALL 50 STATES for the first time in history

Until Monday, there were three states where gas could still be found at an average price of below $4 a gallon: Georgia, Kansas and Oklahoma. But with the jump in prices on Tuesday, those states joined the $4-per-gallon club, with prices hitting $4.06 in Georgia; $4 in Kansas; and $4.01 in Oklahoma.

It’s very important to note here that it’s all everybody else’s fault and not Joe Biden’s

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It turns out that releasing all our emergency fuel from the Strategic Reserve didn’t save Biden or your wallet. Instead, prices are expected to easily hit $5 by July 4 (but remember Joe saved you $0.16 that one time!).





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