Joe On House Oversight Committee: Trey Gowdy Knows Better | Morning Joe | MSNBC

by Thinker

Can’t let Joe tear down a man you can speak the name of Jesus in public, and has shown his love for family, job, and country. What a blessing for Americans to have a man whose evidence exposed corruption which the results were a loss of job and not jail for Eric Holder who transported illegal guns across the border. The Benghazi evidence, if Joe takes the time to listen to the tapes showed abandonment of agents of the United States, when help was close enough to save lives. The evidence that Trey Gowdy exposed, showed failure for the United States government to protect those they have asked to serve them. Christopher Stevens is dead and no one held accountable. When DHS/ICE released over 19,000 illegal convicted felons onto the streets of America, where was Joe to talk about the Obama/Clinton administration that it happened under? Those who speak out against “TRUTH” protect those who have sold their souls and the American people out for a dollar. Those who want to divide should move out of the United States and go the country that likes to divide people.

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The reason the time is shorter, is that the evidence was presented is a shorter time period, because there is a president in the White House who want change for the people and not for profits! Hope Trey Gowdy files a lawsuit agaisn’t you Joe for failing as a journalist to get your facts straight. How much do you have to burn on lawyers…Trey will represent himself!

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Hope you will take the time to look in the link below and see where the anti-Trump stories are coming from. Who’s promoting hate and division? The agents of satan!…anti+trump


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