Joe Rogan Slams Pelosi for ‘Insider Trading’

Joe Rogan has blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, and members of Congress for profiting from equities from a position of regulatory power.

Referring to Pelosi’s husband, venture capitalist Paul Pelosi’s, purchase of over $2.2 million in Tesla stock options on March 17th, the famous podcaster attacked Pelosi’s positions on the issue.

“If you know someone is going to sign a bill and that bill is going to be a massive boost to the electrical vehicle industry…and before that bill is signed you buy a f-ckload of stock in electrical vehicles…and the next day the stock goes up”… that should be illegal, Rogan said. This is according to The New York Post.

Citing a Congressional filing, Newsmax Media reported on March 24, 2022, how Paul Pelosi, the Democrat House leader’s husband, purchased Tesla stock on March 17, at a strike price of $500 per share for a total of approximately $2.18 million. Since Paul Pelosi’s purchase, Tesla’s share price increased nearly 19% to more than $1,036 per share, making his shares worth nearly $2.6 million.

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