JOEL KOTKIN: The Resistance We Need: The Trump Administration Gears Up to Trust-Bust the Tech Giants.

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via thedailybeast:

“On this one, Trump is right as rain—and so are Sanders and Warren. The federal government should have been taking apart these greedy tech monopolies years ago. Let’s get cracking.”


We have been accustomed to think of technology entrepreneurs as bold, risk-taking individuals who thrive on competition but now we know that it is more accurate to see them as oligarchs ruling over an industry ever more concentrated, centrally controlled and hierarchical. Rather than idealistic newcomers, they increasingly reflect the worst of American capitalism—squashing competitors, using indentured servants from abroad, colluding to fix wages, and dodging taxes while creating ever more social anomie and alienation.

The Valley, as one observer puts it, has taken a “reprieve from the bogeymen in the garage.” That is, while the tech giants peddle the tired meritocratic myth that there’s some genius in a garage this close to replacing them—if that genius could still afford a garage in the Bay Area, at least—in fact, they simply buy out or price out new competitors.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.



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