John Mark: CIVIL WAR Talk Increasing in America

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He shows us articles that prove it

Radio Atlantic: How to Stop a Civil War

Listen to Jeffrey Goldberg, Danielle Allen, and Adam Serwer discuss how America is coming apart—and how they think it can be reunited.

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The only thing they’re correct about is that people in big cities have more in common with other people in other big cities than the rest of the country.

What they don’t touch on is that people in big cities who’ve spent their whole lives in big cities have no idea where their food comes from, how it arrives in the supermarket, what it takes to even open a supermarket.

They don’t touch on self defense.

They don’t touch on infrastructure.

They don’t touch on anything PRACTICAL.

Everything, in their world view, is stunted towards who they are, which is their view is the best because hey – it’s THEM, and who we are, which is by their definition the least because we don’t want to go along with their trendiness (they don’t even see that humanity continually pendulums from one extreme to the other and that the pendulum is about to swing back towards center).

I don’t think that pendulum will swing back far enough to reach center bar some pivotal national event.

They were raised in a lala world of free everything, free lunches, free school, free coats, free school supplies, colleges that promise them a viable career in gender studies.

Their methods are predatory. They think that it’s unfair to say all Trump supporters are racist but most of us are. They think they can get their way by giving us a voice at the table because THAT WOULD WORK WITH THEM, KIND OF BUT NOT REALLY.

After absorbing their disassociative nonsense I can only say BRING IT. Give them a corner of the USA by Mexico and force them to leave. Or lets get this civil war going.

Suggest they call their new country WEENIEVILLE. A home for weenies, who will be swallowed up and eaten alive by the first predator nation that makes for their shores.

There’s the yahoo article. Only 6 comments. It’s a yawn.

From a month ago

Oct.09 — Blackstone Group Inc. co-founder Steve Schwarzman discusses the “very unusual times” he sees in U.S. politics and how the American education system is suffering. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua in London.

From 2 weeks ago

United States Headed Toward Civil War?


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