John McCain defends globalists & blasts Trump – Slander Lawsuits Coming?

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by Thinker

If the average citizens were saying the things that judges, politicians, many of the millionaires, and most of the billionaires are, they would already have lawsuits against them for defamation of character and slander. How long can a crime continue to be publicized and not be spoken about? Where is the news…there owned by sore losers who wanted Hillary to win. Retaliation? Get their paid puppets to generate fake news, ask stupid questions, and keep the President from want he really wants to do. How long will the attacks verbally go on?

Two responses to President Trump’s reaction to being disrespected, deceived and targeted by Obama’s homey, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, tell much of the story. There’s the statement of anti-American profiteer and RINO warmonger, amnesty John McCain, who is currently tying up a Senate seat from his Arizona home so it can be given to his wife once he kicks off. No surprisingly, he sided with the anti-Trump cabal, currently configured as the G7-1. McCain apparently still has delusions that he’s President which he lives out as a “sympathetic” pathetic figure in his national communications. He wrote following the stunt by Trudeau, “To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t.”

Like most of what McCain says, that statement was wrapped in a cocoon of bull hockey. No one took a survey of the points in McCain’s statement, they were his or his writer’s hyperbole. In actuality, bipartisan majorities of grass roots Americans don’t support giving away our wealth to the future home of the Islamic caliphates, Europe and Canada, nor do we accept the notion of them interfering in our affairs. The level of agreement Americans might have with McCain has always been in direct proportion to his deception. There’s no reason for that to change now and if such a survey existed, one would need to carefully review the wording of the question. Americans are bipartisan to the extent that globalists have infested not only the Democrats but Republican Party as well, depriving them of American representation in Congress.

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Americans often say they are:

Some want to be kings, but are only allowed to be princes in the U.S. that uses different terms to keep the show going. Its time to look at the history of every position before voting for him/her to see what they really have don and who they really support. What many will find is that corporations are the ones who make most politicians and that is who they support when they win. Wake up and know who works to make the world a better place, and who dosen’t. Who do you want in that position of leadership that comes with total trust in their decision? Arizona, where news of human trafficking, and child sex camps are the headline. What has McCain done for the state of Arizona? Are there food pantries for the homeless? Emergency shelters for homeless families with children? What does your politician do for you and your state? The longer they’ve been in office, the better or worse the history of what they really have don will be.

Flashback 2010 CNN: McCain wins GOP Senate race in Arizona

Sen. John McCain discusses his campaign promises during his victory speech. Bring the troops home from Afghanistan? Speech of words that many believed, that you now know the real truth to each one. What will a man promise to have power and control?

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Arizona Senate moves to change rules for replacing McCain


The Republican-controlled Arizona Legislature is moving to ensure that ailing Sen. John McCain’s seat isn’t on the November ballot if he leaves office, but Democrats plan to block the effort.

Making America great again is the motto that we are all repeating everyday under a changing leadership for the better. As the President is slowly draining the swamp the electronic attacks aren’t as severe as they have been. Can’t wait till they stop all together and the covert electronic targeting of world citizens stops. When the President finds out what is being done to his family without his knowledge, then the game changes. What I’m getting, they are too! Ask John McCain and the group that all though Hillary was going to win. How long will they control those who are following orders to attack innocent civilians and children aren’t excluded? Are Barron Trump and the grandchildren of Donald Trump getting targeted and don’t even know it? Still looking for that adviser job like Valarie Jarrett, except I want to help as many people as possible and not just the groups that John F. Kennedy was working to rid the world of.

Flashback 2010 – Under McCain Watch & Has Growing…Child trafficking a Big Problem in AZ

Shared Hope International says too often those forced into prostitution are often treated as criminals when in fact they’re being exploited.

Cemex Company Child Trafficking Scandal – A World Where the Children Are Crying for Help…Are You There??? McCain Isn’t!!!


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