John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman discusses the corporate worldwide empire, global debt trap, and how the planet’s economic engine runs on blood and suffering

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Sean Stone interviews John Perkins in 2013. Has the game changed?

Sean: In 2004, a book came out that shocked many in the mainstream media, I think less so those in the conspiracy world…

Sean: I remember in 2005 or 2006 you came to Princeton University to talk and you drew quite a crowd, and I love the blowback, not the blowback, but let’s say the reaction of certain professors who were shocked at your allegations, that the CIA was involved in assasinating people like Omar Torrijos in Panama, and the outrage you stirred within the establishment…

John: …it’s a little disturbing and shocking to think that professors at a university like Princeton wouldn’t be aware of what’s really going on in the world, you know. I think they probably are now but it’s a little disturbing. So the way we economic hitman work, and we’ve really created the world’s first truly global empire, it’s not a national empire, it’s not an American empire, it’s a corporate empire, and we work in many ways but the most common is to identify a country that has resources that our corporations want, like oil, and then arrange a huge loan to that country, from the World Bank, or one of its sister organizations, yet the money doesn’t go to the country, instead it goes to our own corporations to build big infrastructure projects in their country, power plants, industrial parks, things like that that benefit a few wealthy families in the country, as well as our corporations, but don’t help the majority of the people, who are too poor to buy electricity, don’t get jobs in industrial parks because they don’t hire many people, and yet they the people of the country are left holding a huge debt, and when they can’t repay it we go back and say, hey you know since you can’t pay your debt sell us your resource, oil whatever, real cheap to our corporations without any environmental regulations or social restrictions, or allow us to build a military base on your soil, and privatize everything, sell your schools, sell your water and sewage systems, sell your electric utility, sell your jails, sell everything laughs

John: Whenever a country tries to exercise(?) currency independence, we do everything we can to make sure that that doesn’t happen.


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