John Podesta’s Organization – Catholics In Alliance For Common Good – Satan In Disguise.

by Ruby Henley

We have two Institutions which guide and oversee humanity, and they always have.  What are they?  Of course, they are Church and Government.  If one man could penetrate both Institutions, changing them from being God-oriented to Satan-oriented, would you even believe it is possible?  Think about that for a moment.  Do you know any man, who has been able to do that?
I was researching a new documentary currently playing on Netflix, and I was overcome with the evil that men can do.  When you consider that evil, which is the most horrific tool Satan can use in his battle against God, has penetrated the Catholic church, one must ask how, how, how?  It is not easy to research such a thing, but it must be done to understand “how.”
Before I go any further, I am going to link the video I was researching when my alarm went off, and I came to my conclusion in this report.

Description that accompanies the video: QUOTE
Netflix documentary series ‘The Keepers‘ links Clinton campaign chair John Podesta to a high-level government pedophile ring.  The show documents a government-connected pedophile ring involving the Catholic church and the murder of a woman who was about to come forward to the police with damning evidence about the abuse committed against various children.   END OF QUOTE
I want to say I could not find the evidence I needed to connect John Podesta to the video report.  Maybe someone can, but I could not.
During my research of the above video, of course, I looked at this page:  QUOTE:
Discussions of Catholic religious activities[edit]
Sandy Newman wrote to Podesta: “I have not thought at all about how one would ‘plant the seeds of the revolution’, or who would plant them.”[42] Podesta agreed that this was necessary to do as Newman suggested and wrote back to note that they had created groups like Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United to push for a more progressive approach to the faith, change would “have to be bottom up.”[42][43][44]
Raymond Arroyo responded: “It makes it seem like you’re creating organizations to change the core beliefs of the church,” he said.[42] “For someone to come and say, ‘I have a political organization to change your church to complete my political agenda or advance my agenda’, I don’t know how anybody could embrace that.”[42] Professor Robert P. George added that “these groups are political operations constructed to masquerade as organizations devoted to the Catholic faith”.[45]
The leak revealed an email sent by John Halpin, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.END OF QUOTE
Let’s look at John Podesta’s organization, CATHOLICS IN ALLIANCE FOR THE COMMON GOOD.  It sounds like an organization that has the Catholic Church in its best interests.  However, John Podesta himself, refers to this organization as a “revolution.”  A revolution against God’s role in the Catholic Church? Yes, I think so, and I will prove that John Podesta created this organization to corrupt the Catholic Church.  
When I went to the organization’s website, it had been taken down, or at least I could not reach it.
When you type it in Wikipedia, you get no sign of John Podesta.
So I added John Podesta’s name to the organization’s name.  Boom!  With the release of the Wikileaks emails we can see Democratic Party operative and past Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta, created this group to infiltrate the Catholic Church in an attempt to provide a liberal revolt against the Church, calling it a “Catholic Spring,”
So what would that revolution against the ancient religion bring into fruition, or what would it change about the Church?  Just keep in mind this revolt against the Church can be likened to Lucifer’s revolt against God.  Think about it. QUOTE:
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good continues its commitment to electing Democrats primarily through its newest initiative Millennial—a journal founded and funded through Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good targeted to young Catholics.  Like its parent organization, Millennial continues the misleading claims that they “aim to move beyond partisan and ideological divisions, bringing together all those who support the global common good and the worth and dignity of the human person.”  While they have attempted to remove all traces of their connection with Podesta’s Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good on their website, their donor page is still hosted on the Catholics in Alliance website.END OF QUOTE
So we see since John Podesta has developed a bad name by being linked in so many scandals, this association has tried to move away from his name.  However, it has not stopped with its agenda and goal of destroying God in the church.  In fact, the complete agenda is to close the door to God and open it to Satan.  I will go even further and say that any man, who can penetrate church and state at one time with the agenda of moving God out and Satan in….could, in fact, be called the Anti-Christ.
Lets look further at the agenda here. QUOTE
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United are two of the many Soros-funded “Catholic” activist groups that push the “progressive” agenda (abortion “rights,” homosexual “marriage,” LBGT K through12 “education,” women priests, etc.) inside the church. The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue describes how Chris Korzen of Catholics United tried to get him kicked off of an appearance on CNN and then initiated an IRS complaint against him (Donohue), in an effort to intimidate. END OF QUOTE
BOOM!  Podesta’s baby is funded by George Soros!  Satan himself!
Before we go any deeper, I want to say this:
From 2 Corinthians 4:4 –
“The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God”
The “god of this age” is Satan. We’re in enemy territory right now.  Undermining Christian organizations is part of that territory.
The fact is discernment and the armor of God is all we have to protect us against those who have been chosen to embed Satan and remove God from church and state.
But think about our children, who do not have the chance to discern. Those children go to school every day (state), and they go to Sunday school (church) on Sunday.  Pedophiles are embedded deeply within both institutions.
As I was researching all of this, the name Dennis Hastert popped up while researching the Podesta Group, owned by Tony and John Podesta.  Knowing that Hastert was once Speaker of the House, good friend with the Podesta Brothers, and now a convicted pedophile makes one cringe at the access he had to our children.
Hastert was employed by Yorkville Community Unit School District 115 for sixteen years, from 1965 to 1981. Hastert began working there, at age 23, while still attending NIU. Throughout that time, Hastert worked as a teacher at Yorkville High School where he served as a football and wrestling coach. He was later named Illinois Coach of the Year!
According to federal prosecutors, during the time that he coached wrestling, Hastert sexually abused at least four of his students. But I doubt it was just four.  My God, how many lives has this man destroyed?
Hastert was a Boy Scout volunteer with Explorer Post 540 of Yorkville for 17 years, during his time as a schoolteacher and coach. Hastert reportedly traveled with the Explorers on trips to the Grand Canyon, the Bahamas, Minnesota, and the Green River in Utah.  
Yes, it makes one sick, and one must realize that pedophilia is the ultimate weapon of Satan.  How many children have we lost in our schools and churches?  
Our government has been overtaken by pedophiles, who are blatant Satanists.  President Trump has been cleaning house, and we need to pray for him.  Every step of the way, the Left is setting him up, and hoping to rid him from the White House.
John Podesta has been an extreme leader in our government.  He was Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, and he was Chairman for the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign.  He has had his hands in so many scandals, but as of yet, we have not seen him pay the price for what he has done.
Now I am bringing to light, he has also had his hands in a revolution to destroy God’s role in the Catholic church.  But not only that, we know he and his brother own art which depict child torture…Satanism is the only word you can use here.
Thus, this man, John Podesta, has had a dual role in outing God and bringing in Satan into our government and church.  How many men do you know, who have been able to do these two things?
In conclusion, ask yourself, just who John Podesta really is in the big scheme of things?  I remind you this man has a role in global politics and in the Agenda 21 New World Order.  You are looking the Deep State right in the face when you look at John Podesta.  
You are also looking at the most horrific manifestation of Satan on earth:  the destruction of the innocent child.  That destruction is taking place in church and state.  Again how many men have power within both church and state?
President Trump is working against the Deep State with every ounce of energy he has, and we must do what we can to help him.  We must speak up with truth, and we must pray to God with a sincere and pure heart.  
Can it really be that John Podesta is going to be indicted?  I pray to God it is true.