John Solomon On Hannity Announces Federal Prosecutors Assigned To John Huber Have Reached Out To New Clinton Foundation Whistleblower

Hannity: Up to date synopsis about the Mueller Probe and Uranium One.

Skip to 20:25…

“I’ll give you some Breaking News right now Sean. Federal prosecutors assigned to John Huber reached out to a whistleblower in the Clinton Foundation. For the first time we’ve seen contact between a CF whistleblower and the IG’s office.”

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Trying to find a link. John Solomon on Hannity was the one who announced it & said more details to follow on Monday. If they don’t post it on their site I’ll embed video when available…

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Judicial Watch is suing for documents related to Obama’s DOJ effort to shut down Clinton Foundation.

Also, there’s this from earlier today….

14:30 or 18:40 gets into CF


h/t SN7


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