JP Morgan’s Unanswered Questions In The Silver Market

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by Chris Marcus with James Anderson via Arcadia Economics

#JPMorgan’s Unanswered Questions in The #Silver Market: James Anderson

Despite being charged with the Rico Act for their manipulation of the #silvermarket, many continue to look at the bank and its CEO #JamieDimon as modern day #financial heroes.

But #JamesAnderson of #SDBullion is fortunately one of the analysts who is asking some of the important questions that most others haven’t. Such as what Dimon thinks about his #traders who have been described as running “a criminal enterprise” (the #DOJ’s words, not mine). Why the bank is getting repo lines from the #Fed, while it has a track record of speculating recklessly in the financial markets (see “London Whale”). And how the market imbalance eventually gets resolved.

James also shared what he’s seeing in terms of actual customer order flow for physical #gold and silver. Which has been divorced from the #COMEX paper price, yet continues to build pressure on the market that is eventually going to have to be resolved.

So to understand the past, and how it will necessarily have to influence the future, click to watch this timely interview now!

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