Judge Jeanine – Hillary "dumber than I thought"Judge Jeanine

Fox News Judge Jeanine
Judge Jeanne Hillary

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1 thought on “Judge Jeanine – Hillary "dumber than I thought"Judge Jeanine

  1. Hey Judge . . . . donald Duck Bombed Hospitals and Schools in Syria , NOT chemical factory
    You’re beloved donald Duck gives Cluster Bombs , Napalm ( Banned weapons ) to his Saudi’s friends to KILL Innocent People , Children in the poorest country on Earth ” Yemen ” , so donald Duck is just as Criminal like all other US of TERROR Presidents before him , Nothing is change in the Criminal Nation of america https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/460cd4cc7c82c160ce78c50b2fec6d047270ccfede70cc3dee1bc7e49d830960.jpg

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