MSM's current goal is to increase the anger and fear in society

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Anger and fear is negative energy. Negative entities feed on negative energy. Opening people to negative energy makes it easier to manipulate them. The fear in Germany before WWII allowed the Nazis to come to power. This has happened numerous times throughout history.
If watching MSM programs on TV makes you angry at the lies and deception they are spouting, good, it means your soul is not atrophied or gone.
If you allow your anger to manifest into negative energy that is not dealt with, this is bad. Channel this negativity into positivity by engaging in ‘self activities’. These are activities that empower your true self, allowing you to convert negative energy into positive energy. Some of my self activities are running, meditation, camping, and playing computer games.
If you do not convert this negative energy into positive energy it will start to take you over. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Too much negative energy exposes you to great risk. The nefarious groups controlling the MSM know about this and have been actively manipulating it for decades.
Try to minimize exposure to negative energy and increase your self awareness so that you can know when you are being influenced and controlled by negative energy. You can still use negative energy, just don’t let it control you. It is not bad to use negative energy, just be aware of it.
Positive energy increases your ability to exercise free will. In contrast, negative energy enslaves you.
Smoking cigarettes is a good metaphor for when negative energy takes over. Cigarettes are great, I personally really enjoy the energy, concentration, social aspects, and ritual of smoking a cigarette. However, being addicted to smoking reduces my free will, lowers self esteem, and of course, is bad for my health.
When you experience something beautiful, it is something that you must share with others. When you experience pain, it is a burden that you alone can bear. The experience of pain cannot be shared, other than by inflicting it upon others. I think this idea came from Kant.
This all may sound very Star Wars, but it is very true. The most obvious and easy way to demonstrate this is by reflecting on your own subjective experience of beauty and pain, what they have made you do and what it was like expressing your experiences of beauty and pain to others.
If you need more validation there is a lot of validation out there, bring it up in the comments and maybe some one will throw ya somethin that works for you.
My intent in writing this post was not to get into the philosophy and existential shit, but rather to communicate a message. The message is:
We are at a critical juncture in the human timeline. Whether or not we become a species of good or bad is determined by this one thing RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.
The message is also a call to action.
edit: It is never too late. If you think you have been consumed by negativity for too long, and it is impossible to change, you are wrong. It only takes one concentrated thought or decision to set in motion a chain reaction of positivity.
Re social change: Most people don’t realize that the critical mass of support required to make radical change in society is only something like <10% of the population. So if positive energy is literally contagious and it only takes 10% of the population, it really only takes a small dedicated group to get going.
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