Judge Jeanine Rips Into Lawyer Who Laughs, Smiles as He Lies About Criminal Illegals Being a Protected Class

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The Mayor of Oakland,Libby Schaaf, is treating illegal immigrants as a protected class. Why is she helping to protect them from deportation? These are criminals who have committed serious felonies & are in our country illegally.
Watch Judge Janine here:

Francisco Hernandez lies beautifully to cover for the illegal and corrupt actions of people who enable illegal activity. The Mayor of Oakland should be in jail for aiding and abetting criminal illegal aliens! The left always speaks about justice. Is it not justice to enforce the law and protect LEGAL Americans from criminals who crossed our border illegally?
She said she would go to jail…PLEASE SEND HER THERE!
THE TWO VIDEOS BELOW show Hernandez to be the liar even though he repeatedly says, “That’s a lie.”

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1 thought on “Judge Jeanine Rips Into Lawyer Who Laughs, Smiles as He Lies About Criminal Illegals Being a Protected Class

  1. SUE the BASTARDS for all they have. The “DOJ” should have ended the sanctuary crap in one day. File the first criminal AND civil lawsuits and the rest would change their tune. Forfeit ALL of Gov. Jerry Brown’s assets to pay damages to the family of that murdered woman ….and jail him as an ACCESSORY.
    Yes, “sanctuary implementors” DO OWE DAMAGES for any harm their law breaking leads to. By the way, why is a clerk jailed for refusing to do her duty and register homosexual marriages,but these politicians and police are not jailed for allowing sanctuary cities and refusing to do THEIR duty? SUE them for all their possessions.
    Cannot say it often enough, these politicians took an oath to uphold the CONSTITUTION of the United States and therefore cannot whine that they do not have to enforce Federal Law. Every judge or politician blocking that wall is providing material aid and support to Narco Terrorists. Anyone who provides “sanctuary” to an illegal is harboring criminals, PERIOD. And if that illegal commits a crime the sanctuary providers is a ACTIVE ACCOMPLICE to the crime and is PERSONALLY Financially Liable for FULL restitution and gets to serve time for the crime…….. Make them pay a price for their evil ……. If the “Appointed Defenders” of Our HOUSE refuse to do their duty, they are accomplices and personally responsible for the results. “Public Officials” That refuse to enforce the immigration laws and provide “sanctuary” to ILLEGALS automatically assume personal financial responsibility for ANY crimes and any damages created by said ILLEGALS. They also are accessories to any crimes committed by their ILLEGALS and should be JAILED as Accomplices. Same applies to any priest/church that provides “sanctuary” Take all their assets for reparations and jail them as accomplices to the crimes

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