Judge Resigns Over Facebook Posts About Protesters Of Confederate Monuments In Charlottesville – Free Speech On The Line.

by Ruby Henley
Freedom of speech in America is on the line, as Judge James A. Hinkle had to resign due to his criticism  of protesters concerned about Confederate monuments in Charlottesville.  He made a simple post on Facebook, and he did not threaten anyone, as we are seeing so many from the Left doing.  In my opinion, this proves our free speech is endangered.
Judge James A. Hinkle offered his immediate resignation from his position as a part-time magistrate with the Gwinnett County Magistrate Court.  Hinkle’s Facebook post Saturday called protesters of Confederate monuments “snowflakes who have no concept of history.” He later called them “nut cases” and compared them to ISIS terrorists.
This really concerns me, as I have done the same thing.  I believe that this an example of what is to come.  Yes, I know he is a Judge; nonetheless, I believe if he were a Liberal, this comment would have gone unnoticed…Judge or not.  This Judge had served for 14 years.
The chief magistrate who suspended him made the following comments:  
“He is a lifelong public servant and former Marine. However, he has acknowledged that his statements on social media have disrupted the mission of this court, which is to provide justice for all. I have accepted Judge Hinkle’s resignation.”
“He is entitled to those. (personal opinions) While, thankfully, our Constitution protects the right of all citizens to express their opinions, judges are held to a more stringent standard by the Judicial Canons. Rule 1.2 (A) of the Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct, Promoting Public Confidence in the Judiciary,” Blum said.
Some say they cannot link to any yahoo finance articles.  I apologize if you cannot.
QUOTE:  Blum quoted this from the judicial canons: “Judges shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary.”
Blum said that, under the “heightened standard, the right of the public to a judiciary free from even the appearance of bias takes priority over any Judge’s necessarily limited right to individual expression while serving in that office.”
Hinkle has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1969. His membership listing shows his J.D. from George Washington University. He lives in Grayson, where he was once mayor.END OF QUOTE
I believe that as a citizen of the United States under the Constitution this man was a citizen first and a Judge secondly.  I think he had every right to make this comment, as he was not threatening anyone.  He was only practicing his freedom of speech under the Constitution.  
However, many of us know our Constitution has been shredded.  
This Judge was not on the job when he made this statement. Does your employment manipulate your freedom of speech when you are on your “time off?”  
This infuriates me as it is just another assault on the Right by the Left.
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