Antifa Have Passed the Point of No Return – It’s Time to Take Action

by Mark Angelides

The top trending subject for all news sites right now is Antifa. They have turned out at almost every major (and minor) rally or protest and waded in with violence first and threats second. They are not just going after White Supremacists, but quite literally anyone who is not them.
The majority of people who turn up to Antifa attacks are just kids who think they are part of something “rebellious,” but this in no way excuses them from the fact that the leaders and organizers are in fact attempting to destroy American society. And they are NOT cultural idealists “fighting for what they believe in,” they are well-funded, well-trained and directed by Globalist organizations who have their own agenda ready to replace the fallen one.
Antifa are not a “loose-knit” operation. They exist in many countries and coordinate in actions all over the world. At present they are co-opting other groups under the “Anti-Fascist” banner as part of their number, which is not only wrong, but purposely designed to enforce the idea that anyone who is not with them is thereby actually “Pro-Fascist.”
The violence is not random nor a reaction, it is designed and executed to appear out of nowhere and to turn a tense situation into a chaotic and dangerous one.  These are professionals who know how to cause violence through using other people. They are trained to inflame a situation so that a random nobody ends up getting charged with the assault whilst they fade back into the shadows.
The petition to have Antifa designated a Terrorist Organisation is a good thing for three reasons and a bad idea for one.
First the benefits:

  1. If any organization is found to be supplying funds to them through “Foundations” or myriad other clearing house operations, they can be charged with sponsoring terrorism (tough luck George Soros).
  2. The cities where demonstrations take place will no longer instruct the police to “stand down” when violence kicks off against Free Speech activists. As they will be “on the lookout” for terrorists, they cannot sit idly by.
  3. The MSM will finally have stop lionizing these losers. Instead of portraying them as WWII soldiers fighting the Nazis, they’ll have to start pointing out the realities of what they actually do.

And the downside:

  1. The followers and leftist media are so enamored with these idiots, that they’ll likely see the proscribing as a tyrannical act, and thus get even more involved.

These are idiots led by extremely bad people who are working for the downfall of Western Civilization. It is, at heart, Cultural Marxism wearing sheep’s clothing. Don’t be fooled.

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25 thoughts on “Antifa Have Passed the Point of No Return – It’s Time to Take Action

  1. The corporate media are way too corrupted for benefit #3.
    Here’s what would happen if Antifa were declared a terrorist organization:
    * The corporate media would go on and on about “The evil Fuhrer Adolf Satan Trump has declared antifascism terrorist. There is now no doubt that he is a Fascist. He must go, and so must his fascist buddies, we can’t rest until God-Empress Hillary is in her rightful place.” They’ll also keep comparing them to WW2 soldiers, possibly even saying something along the lines of “WW2 allied soldiers had to commit a few war crimes to get to Hitler as well, except back then we didn’t call that terrorism”.
    * Police will continue to be one-sided, using “it’s hard to tell who is fighting on which side, so we just moved in to separate the people and arrested the most violent ones. All of the most violent ones happened to be pro-fascists, which is in the nature of the movement” as an excuse if pushed to it.
    * Soros (and others like him) would get a free pass because he’s above the law. He was certainly behind the terrorist actions that deposed Ukraine’s last legitimate government, so he should be in prison for supporting terrorism already. Guess who isn’t being prosecuted?
    * They’d use the precedent to declare some other organizations they don’t like terrorist as well. Probably starting with militias and preppers given “they’re armed, therefore they’re terrorists. Peaceful people don’t arm themselves to their teeth.”
    Given that, if I was in Trump’s place, my response to the petitions would be something along the lines of:
    Free Speech is an absolute, and in a free country, there must even be room for expressing “invalid” opinions. It is not terrorist to declare that 1+1=3, it is not terrorist to claim someone declaring 1+1 to be 3 is incapable of basic math, it’s not terrorist to demand we leave historic records alone and it’s not terrorist to demand we tear down statues of anyone who ever did anything wrong in his life.
    However, by the very definition of the word, committing acts of severe violence for a political purpose is terrorism, and attacking protesters on the other side clearly is an act of severe violence.
    Therefore, elements on either side who turn those protests from peaceful protests to violent riots – and those financially supporting those elements – are clearly terrorists.
    It wouldn’t be perfect, but they’d have a hard time accusing me of being a fascist (not that they wouldn’t try), they’d have a hard time declaring anyone terrorist for simply holding a view they don’t like (but again they’d probably try, using the “if they’re armed they’re out to do violence” claim), and I’d get to go after both Soros (for financing the extreme elements of Antifa) and the corporate media (did CNN just pay that guy waving a Nazi flag, shouting “Heil Hitler” and wearing a “Death to all N***ers” T-Shirt to represent the pro-statue side for them? Sounds like they financed a Nazi terrorist even if we all know he’s actually an actor…).

    • making masked faces in vicinity of commission of crime, illegal would go a long way. These punks are cowards and use face cover to hide identity and arrest!

      • Agreed, except you’d have to make sure that law won’t be used to arrest all kids at Halloween if a crime has been committed somewhere…

  2. These are only idiots heeding the call of the pay masters.
    Now if you were to have information on the pay masters,
    and as I put it at plural there are more than just Soros.
    I would be most happy to place more credence to your article.
    I am tired of the dead-end reporting. That never does more than scratch the surface.
    How about some comments about the casino owner donating to a fund that pays these idiots.
    Or Silk Airlines running guns to CIA Merc’s.
    Then we could get into some really good discussions.

    • Soros is alleged to be Chelsea Clinton’s husband’s uncle!!! That’s where the bridesmaids stayed and Chelsea got dress, at Soros’ mansion, just before the wedding. Such a chummy vile group of reptiles!!!!

  3. Why do you use the idiotic term “White Supremacists” (capitalized no less)? Have there been any in the streets? No. You are just carrying water for the MSM. Idiots.

  4. See a mask, beat them down. See a weapon, chill them. We are taking too much shit from too many people. Turning men into pussies unable to stand up for themselves and their women and children.

    • Not time yet. Time to gather stones, train with them and practice restraint. These animals will go too far in a future encounter and show themselves to be the killers they are, then, well, good hunting……

      • My point is we who choose to need to show the men we are. This is a war on white men, on autonomy, on living in harmony. While I have a deep spiritual nature I also have warrior’s heart. I get sickened by the reports I see of European men not protecting their women and families. If you really are a vet then you understand. I was a 91h20 for 3 years.

  5. Does everyone know that George Soros is alleged to be Chelsea Clinton’s husband’s UNCLE?!!!
    What a dastardly breed!!! Marc Mizvinzsky’s papa served more than five years in jail and is still out on probation for Ponzi schemes and other financial fakery!!! VILE!!!!!!

  6. If masked people are attacking American citizens with weapons, and the police are doing nothing, than it is within our rights to defend ourselves. With LETHAL force if necessary. Enough is enough with these people. The Media hail them as “heroes”. The Police stand idly by while they openly assault people. If they do happen to be arrested, there is always some scum bag leftist lawyer ready to represent them for free and get them off with a slap on the wrist. Every “Protest” these communists grow bolder and bolder. When will it be enough? When will it stop? When THEY start openly murdering people in the streets for disagreeing with them? It’s time to put and end to this.

    • I agree friend. My point above and here is we need to not let them castrate our masculinity through a false narrative of any sort. We used to be able to take our women and children to protests.
      There are millions of vets out there and it is time to really fight for your country, not by going to foreign lands and killing innocent people but to stand up and fight for our right to free expression on our streets.

  7. Most people realize what the Antifa are. Given the likes of nearly ever wing of the corporate media and the likes of Nancy Pelosi giving support it’ll be hard to get the declared a terrorist organization. What could happen is that Trump tries to get them labeled as such and see who comes to their defense so we the people know who the enemy in our government really is.

    • That’s true. The Antifa are simply Bolshevik cowards, hiding their faces behind masks, too scared they’ll be identified and arrested. The police have a duty to arrest these Antifa scumbags the moment they become violent. The Charlottesville violence wouldn’t have gone as far as it did, had the police performed their duties and arrested the Antifa aggressors. Both the Charlottesville mayor and VA Governor McAuliffe must be held accountable for their mishandling of the event.
      I’m sure the victims of the Antifa violence will be suing both Virginia and Charlottesvillle for millions of dollars in damages for failing to prevent the violence.

  8. “Freedom of speech?! We are not going to commit suicide.” – Vladimir Lenin
    Moral Relativism
    The idea that people should be viewed as part of a collective rather than an individual is the hallmark of moral relativism.
    It’s why the communists defined their enemies as bourgeois and themselves as representatives of the proleteriat.
    When people are no longer individuals, they do not need to be treated justly, nor are they allowed to deviate from the groupthink of the collective demand for purity.
    Instead, they can be judged solely based off the group that they identify with, or the group that Antifa deems them a member of. Of course, when Antifa defines what group you belong to, no one is safe, which is why the vast majority of Antifa’s victims aren’t fascists at all – they are everyday Americans who happen to disagree with Antifa’s culture of censorship and victimhood. Guilt and shame are powerful motivators in achieving milieu control.
    So Antifa does three things to justify their actions. First, they treat people as collectives rather than individuals. Next, they define who is a fascist. Finally, they declare that their cause is above all moral constraints. That’s a dangerous combination which allows them to rationalize just about any action. In other words, it allows them to relativize morality.

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