Judicial Watch: Trump should invoke Insurrection Act for Election Day

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According to an interview yesterday with Jeanine on Dave Rubin’s show, President Trump is prepared to drop the hammer if riots continue after the election, if a clear win happens.

She talks about this at timestamp 23:09

And if you win, if you are the winner
and there are the promised riots,
looting and anarchy, what will you do?”
He said, “We’ll put it down very quickly.”
“What will you do?”
“We’re gonna put it down very quickly.”
“What will you do?”
He said, “Insurrection.”
He’s gonna use the Insurrection Act.
And you know, I knew that at some point
he had to admit that he was going to use it.
But I said, “Why not now?”
And he said, “It’s not ready yet.
This isn’t the time yet.”


Win or Lose, President Trump will be forced to use the Insurrection Act on Election Day.

There’s only one way to stop this communist color revolution being carried out by Deep State and Democrat traitors.


Win or Lose, President Trump will be forced
to use the Insurrection Act on Election Day.

Make no mistake about it, President Trump will be ineluctably compelled to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807.
In point of fact, the communist Democrat Party has already provided a clear legal and constitution justification to use the Insurrection Act throughout 2020.

The rioting, looting, burning, murdering as well as the relentless violence and destruction of American cities has proven that Black Lives Matter and AntiFa pose a clear and present danger to the American Republic and the U.S. citizenry.

This political analysis could easily end right here. End of story.

However, there are a few more key data points that are quite significant in view of the Election Day to Inauguration Day window of extremely violent revolutionary riots designed to overthrow the Trump administration.

History of Use of Insurrection Act
What the American people have witnessed and/or experienced since the staged murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis is nothing short of an insurrection veiled a race riots.

Isn’t this how the New World Order globalist cabal always does it?

Theirs is an extremely stealthy scheme to collapse the United States of America from within via a cunningly manufactured race war and followed by a deliberately engineered civil war.

As for those few historical events in this nation’s history where the Insurrection Act was decisively invoked, below is the short list:

Explainer: Can Trump call in troops to quell Election Day unrest?

“Look, it’s called insurrection. We just send them in and we do it very easy,” Trump told Fox News in September.”

The Council on Foreign Relations offers their answers to the following questions:

States have authority over running elections, but what is their power to regulate armed forces if election-related violence breaks out?

Do unorganized militias have authority to act during the election?

Do battleground states have open-carry gun laws?

What power does President Trump have to call out national forces if he determines there is an election-related threat to national security?

Can the military defy the president’s orders?

How have other advanced democracies handled the appearance of armed groups in connection with voting or vote counting?

“Where are our militias?”



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