Just 1-in-4 AMERICANS pass US citizenship test… MOST South Carolinians couldn’t

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D’oh: Only 1 state passes US citizenship test, DC fails big

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A majority in every state except Vermont has failed the U.S. Citizenship test, the latest sign that Americans aren’t very good history students.

In the multiple choice version of the test given to immigrants seeking citizenship, 53 percent of Vermonters passed.

More than half of those in every other state failed, and in Washington, D.C., 58 percent failed, said the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, which does the survey.

Only one-in-four nationally passed the 20-questions.

In its latest test, the Foundation said that 15 percent of adults knew the year the Constitution was written and only 25 percent knew how many amendments there are.

Most South Carolinians couldn’t pass part of US citizenship test, foundation study says

Most South Carolina residents couldn’t pass part of the U.S citizenship test, according to a new study from educational non-profit the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

After giving Palmetto State residents 20 history questions from the citizenship test, the foundation found that only 34 percent of participants could earn a passing grade, according to the statement.

About three percent of South Carolinians scored an A on the quiz, seven percent a B, 10 percent a C and 14 percent a D, according to the statement. Nationally, only four in ten passed.



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