Just a reminder, YouTube censorship is in overdrive, so if you are an independent creator, make sure you are uploading to other platforms

by salvia_d

For example, not only did they just delete Press TV YouTube channel, they are no longer sending notifications out for many independent political channels, three of which listed below:

YouTube deletes Press TV’s YouTube channel: twitter.com/dancohen3000/status/1307419687790272515

Google again blocks access to YouTube account of Iran’s Press TV: www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/09/19/634536/Iran-Press-TV-YouTube-Google

Notifications no longer being sent out for the following channels that I’m subscribed to, I’m sure there are others:

acTVism Munich: www.youtube.com/user/acTVismMunich

Ron Paul Liberty Report: www.youtube.com/c/RonPaulLibertyReport

The Jimmy Dore Show: www.youtube.com/thejimmydoreshow




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