Just because you have high income doesn’t mean you aren’t broke

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by justfallingbehind

Maybe this is stupid maybe it will get deleted but this is a small bit of advice and was a lot of learning for me.

TL;DR it’s not about what you make it’s about how much you spend. Somehow life has a way of spending all your money if you aren’t careful.

I have been working my butt off for years – climbing the ladder and I have been rewarded. I helped take a company public, went from college to earning over 300K/year in just 5 years. I bought houses, I bought cars, I got married. It was awesome. Now I am behind. Why, you ask? I am behind because I just didn’t pay attention. I spent a lot of money I didn’t have, and I let credit cards get ahead of me, I let debt get out of control.

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For everyone out there, as I try to recover from debt, selling off stuff, and wondering how I got into this situation, all I can think is PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SPENDING. Don’t just watch your income and think great I used to spend less than that. Somehow someway – life has a way of spending money – unless you pay attention and budget.

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It’s funny it’s like I didn’t even notice it was an issue. CC bills just piling up – I mean I was paying them, just not the whole thing. Then all of a sudden your credit limit hits and you think, shit I’ve been paying my bill right? Well only sorta.

Just a friendly PSA from someone who is recovering spendaholic


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