Always thoroughly check your credit card and debit statements, every month.

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by txholdup

I usually check my credit card on-line several times a month. But I was traveling recently. I went over my credit card bill and found 2 charges to Walmart Grocery, their on-line service for buying food. I don’t buy groceries at Walmart, in fact I avoid the chain as much as possible.

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My card wasn’t stolen, I have it. I always check gas stations for skimmers after being burned by one 5 years ago. They usually install them on gas pumps. I don’t use this card for restaurants so no server copied the card while going to the cash register. I don’t know how they got my card but there they were a charge for $84 and 2 days later another for $87.

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Chase had me cut up the card and now I have to change all of my auto-payments. But I won’t be buying Bubba’s food or beer at Walmart.


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