Just Call It What It Is: Massive Election Fraud

by Chris Black

The Red Wave failed to materialize, as predicted.

The REPs barely won the House, despite a disastrous 2 years under Biden.

Nothing works in America 2022: there’s inflation through the roof, expensive food, expensive energy/gas, war in the Ukraine with the potential to go nuclear, debt through the roof, everything sucks basically.

Yet, the Democrats managed to pretty much remain in power after the midterms.

The Senate is 100% in blue hands and keep in mind that Republicans always betray their voters and join Democrats when it’s something big that needs to pass through the House.

DEMs never do that by the way.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

When a ballot is just a piece of paper without any identification to an actual person, they can just be made up as needed. As needed, right?

That’s why vote counting in contested states takes days/weeks.

They need to figure out how much fake ballots they need etc.

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I wonder how many democrat ballots only had two selections made.

Probably at least 75% of them.

When any DEM operative can fill out 500 ballots and drop them in a box with no consequence, no wonder the Democrats could swing a race 30 points from polls taken a few days earlier.

Just count until the Democrat wins.

It worked for 95% of the toss ups this year. S

Statistical impossibilities mean nothing to the Democrat machine.

Massive fraud put democrats in power.

When polls show that Republicans increased their percentage of votes with every group, and they still lose, the only possible explanation is massive fraud with fake ballots.

That’s all you need to know, there’s no other “strategy”.

Vote harder next time, Let’s Go Brandon, MAGA, whatever.

You don’t stand a chance in Hell until you recognize what the problem is and do something about it.


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