Just found out Daughter and Son in law did not pay rent for 1 year!

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by Nojab

They are both young, early twenties. They just came over and asked if they could move in for a few months so they could save money. I asked why they did not pay their rent for a year? They both work. They could not give me a straight answer. They both looked ashamed and promised they would stay only a few months. Mind you neither one of them lost their job or became unemployed due to covid. I am so pissed off at them.

Landlord came to them on Friday and handed them a 30 day notice. They live in a 100 unit apartment complex. Landlord had 67…..30 day notices to hand out.

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My husband caved and is letting them stay.

What would you have done in this situation? Let them be homeless? I just can’t do that to my daughter.

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