Just FYI 6 Quarantined in Rochester NY & over 100 in Emergency room with Flu getting swabbed

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Okay this is just word from my son who recently moved to WNY. He is like Mom, wash your hands all the time, we have 6 people
quarantined for Corona V and there were over 100 people in the emergency waiting room getting swabbed as they complained about flu symptoms!(he and his girlfriend went to emergency for other reasons but left when they saw that!) NOW, I was surprised because my son is usually oblivious to current events and news and doubted he probably even knew of the NCoV but this is what he told me this a.m. and of course I have not heard anything unless it was only on Buffalo / Rochester local news
JUST FYI! It ain’t April yet
Curious if anyone else has heard this?



h/t KuvaszLove


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