JUST IN! Trump considering Military action in Syria… Sen. Rand Paul says Congress would need to approve military action in Syria

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President Trump has told lawmakers he is considering military action in Syria in retaliation for this week’s chemical attack, CNN reported Thursday.
A source familiar with the matter told CNN that Trump has told some lawmakers he’s considering military action, but stressed that no decision had been made yet.
CNN reported that Trump was consulting with Defense Secretary James Mattis and will rely on his judgement before coming to a decision.
Source: Trump weighs military action in Syria (MSN)
Bend Over America… CNN think you are stupid:

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Putin slams accusations over alleged chemical attack in Idlib as unacceptable
Putin particularly stated that it was unacceptable to bring accusations against anyone until a thorough and impartial international investigation was conducted,” the statement reads.
Sen. Rand Paul says Congress would need to approve military action in Syria


14 thoughts on “JUST IN! Trump considering Military action in Syria… Sen. Rand Paul says Congress would need to approve military action in Syria

  1. Psychopaths are still in charge….please stop this madness…Pray for peace, contact your congressional officials.

    • Psychopaths used to be called moral imbeciles and I think it is more descriptive of the condition and those cursed with the absence of empathy. These people are not master criminals, are of average or below intelligence and once their characteristics are widely known people will realize that they have been living with psychopaths all their lives. Psychopaths are often also known as assholes, which is a slang term.

  2. Donald Trump played the same game Obama played with the American people. The people were tired of Bush and his war mongering and TSA goon squads, not to mention the whole Homeland lack of security infrastructure. So Obama offered them changes that most wanted, closing Guantanamo, ending the wars, and lots of other promises he failed to deliver on.
    Trump seeing the dissatisfaction of the people who were not brain dead liberals used it to get elected. Being a billionaire and ruined in the courts or by some other method means he is part of the club, you know the one we do not belong to. Now that he is in office it is easy to look like he tried a few things and failed to get them done, while continuing the same playbook that was Used under Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama. More war with the same 7 counties and maybe a few more. There is no change coming to Obamacare, not tax breaks for the working class and no jail for the criminals in DC.
    We are going to stay at war and widen the wars. We will see another recession which is still the same recession we started in 2008.
    There will be suffering in this country again and it will be worse thanks to Soros and others playing games with BLM and LGBT groups. ANd it will be blamed on us.
    Stop believing anyone in office gives a damn about you, they don’t. Of course it was fun to make it look like they were against Trump and make people think they finally had an ally in office. By now people should have learned.

  3. I don’t believe Assad gassed his own people. No way he would do that just two days after it was announced he could stay in power. The Jew globalist rich .01% sure seem to want a lot of war. Bunch of blood thirsty criminals, totally souless.

    • They are just using the few scams they have over and over and over but the marks don’t seem to notice.

    • Go back and look at those videos closely there is a woman in hot pants. No mask no gloves no gown. This is bogus propaganda the Trump adm put out there to make it seem Assad didbthis but this was planned.long before the supposed gas attack. Mcnasty met.with.the rebels 8 weeks ago had there water supply taken away
      And now this

  4. Does everyone remember the girl in Iraq who said SH was taking babies out of incubators and throwing them onto the floor. She turned out to be an actor. They are pulling all the stops again for this false flag. Hopefully Trump is getting the message that he is being played. You know his ego would not survive if he got caught being played as a sucker on this Assad nonsense. If CNN is producing videos, you know they are fake news.

    • Do you think that trump doesn’t know that Israel did 9/11? Don’t hear much about that investigation donald.

    • Yes i was just watching that it was all to promote the war agenda in Iraq. Remember they was 110% that there was wmd. Lies lies lies by three greedy warmongers. Mcnasty must.be.dancing around in his.pink tutu along with.Graham and Brennan

  5. 602
    I’ll tell you the truth
    It will sear your soul
    This is where we turn
    Diamonds to coal
    You’ve lived within it
    From your first breath
    Welcome to
    United states of death
    They’ve killed you since
    You took that breath
    For that is life
    United states of death
    Give me Librium
    or give me meth
    They both will work
    United states of death
    As you breathe
    Polluted breath
    Pledge allegiance
    United states of death
    Tell your senator
    Waste your breath
    This is the
    United states of death

    • Just learning Trumps new NSA is DINA POWELL Best friends with Valerie Jarrett. WE the people need kushner and Ivanka to go. Tjis was.there long time advisor


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