The Case for Segregated Islamic Prisons

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by Mark Angelides

In almost every country where there is a radical Islamist influence, we see groups of dangerous people engaged in efforts to radicalize the young and/or misguided. And there is no place more likely for this to happen than in the prison system.
As far back as 2010, before many people even realized there was a problem, Sharia law was being imposed on prison populations by Muslim gangs. A BBC report told of forced conversions under threat of death, and young prisoners being forbidden to even look at prison guards, let alone ask for help.
Since then, the situation has gotten much, much worse. The Muslim prison population in Britain is now one in seven (despite being one in 20 of the UK population), and in high security jails is one in five. And they really “hot-beds of radicalization”.
By putting people in closed environments where often the only choice is to convert or die for extended periods of time is psychologically damaging, and these Imams that radicalize are experts in turning the vulnerable to their causes. It is quite literally in many cases why they are in prison. And there are none more susceptible to this than young Muslims.
The young commit more crimes than the old. They are also easier to control and persuade. They come from Muslim communities where the authority is the Imam at the local Mosque. They go off the rails (as some kids do) and commit petty crimes. Then they are thrust into a system where the Imam and his followers are with them 24 hours a day telling them that only Islam can forgive them their crimes. It is brainwashing, it is evil, and it is happening every single day in British and US prisons.
It’s not just Muslim kids that this is a problem for. All prisoners are subjected to Sharia law within the prison, all must answer to the Islamic authority that runs the prison through violence and threats. And the governments know this all too well. Government experiments and programs attempting to tackle this issue have been running since at least 2003, and have yet to produce any positive effects.
This is why prisons should be segregated. Those who are charged with crimes that involve any element of Islamic motivation should be kept in separate facilities where they can preach their vicious bile to each other without damaging anyone else.
Could there be any realistic objections to this? The prisoners get to serve their time without the threat of beatings or death for their religious or non-religious beliefs. The radical Islamists get to live in an environment in which they are unlikely to be troubled by non-Sharia compliant people (unless of course their motivation for being in prison is to create Jihadis).
Segregate the prisons and save the next generation from losing their will, their life and their future.

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