Just look at what the fascists just gained control of the Virginia state houses are trying to do already: grabbing guns and making single-family homes illegal.

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Since the 2018 elections, we have seen a lot of stupid people electing Democrats in state and local elections, and since the garbage Democrats have the garbage Midas touch – everything they come in contact with turns to a Scat Francisco sidewalk – these dumb voters are now suffering the consequences of their misguided trust in these aspiring authoritarians. Democrats win when rich donors pump money into races behind candidates who pretend not to be the gimps of the hard-left cabal that actually runs the party. And the radicals who got elected pretending to be not-insane are getting into office and doing all the insane stuff we warned the voters they would do.

There are no “moderate” Democrats. All Democrats are dangerous to your life, prosperity and freedom. They prefer churchgoers die rather than be able to defend themselves. They want newly-prosperous frackers to learn to code. They want you jailed for denying the climate cult or the fact that there are men and there are women and there is nothing else. 

What’s the name of the Democrat who is willing to say, “I’m glad a half-dozen parishioners drew on that scumbag and capped his sorry butt. I’m thrilled millions of middle Americans are supporting their families through American energy independence. And I’m not going to say that men can menstruate or women can be fathers?” None. No significant Democrat will say any of these things, not even the inexplicably adored Tulsi Gabbard. They will say the opposite and, given the chance by stupid voters, will put each of their bizarre liberal catechisms into practice with the force of law.

Remember, the Democrats will always side against you.

They excuse and coddle everyone but decent, hardworking citizens.

Normal Americans like you always have to deal with the consequences.

Let’s talk criminals. Democrats prefer them to you. Crazy? Are the Democrats always talking about how mean we are to crooks, or about the effect of crooks on your life? In California, idiot voters essentially decriminalized crime. Steal under $950 a day and you’re fine – they would even bother to file charges. Oh, and feel free to shoot up on the sidewalk and leave the needles around – remember, it’s the junkies who are the real victims. You, the normal people, have no recourse and no one has your back. You get to deal with bums, hobos and derelicts on your streets – just make sure that when you step around them you don’t topple over into a pile of human dung.



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