'JUST RIDICULOUS' Nativity scene removed over fears it will offend town's FOUR Muslims

A NATIVITY scene has been ‘banned’ in case it offends one of the FOUR Muslims living in a Belgian town.

Town chiefs allegedly refused to include a traditional festive display in Holsbeek, Belgium over fears it could upset a member of the minuscule Muslim population.

Traditionally locals put a Christmas tree and a model of baby Jesus in a manger in the centre of the town.
But locals were outraged after politicians decided it would offend.


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47 thoughts on “'JUST RIDICULOUS' Nativity scene removed over fears it will offend town's FOUR Muslims”

  1. Did they even ask or did the neo-commie “Town Chiefs” just go ahead and assume, mainly because it’s what they wanted?
    Maybe the solution is to give the Town Chiefs the boot. (it is)

    • …wait a minute…there is nothing in the article that stated the four Muslim folks even cared about the Christmas decorations. As quoted by the article…”Town chiefs allegedly refused to include a traditional festive display in Holsbeek, Belgium over fears it could upset a member of the minuscule Muslim population.” So this was not because of anything any Muslim did, but in fear of what might happen by a PC Council? Yet people want to blame the four individual Muslims? That is weird. For all we know…the Muslim families are sitting at home, bewildered and afraid to go out…or risk being attacked? I know they are using migration as a weapon to destabilize the Western Countries…but have you ever wondered what it must be like for a truly-moderate-Muslim, who does not endorse Sharia-Law or the extremes of the Muslim theology? I know, I know…there will be people who say they are all animals. But that is not true. The majority of the two-billion Muslims are not…”animals”… any more than the two-billion Catholics are Saints. Attack the idiot Council members all you want…but if the Muslim population made no issues of Christmas… they should be left alone.
      RJ O’Guillory

      • You just stated what I have been telling people for many years. Every Christmas, Saint George’s day, the tabloids print stories about councils banning nativity scenes, St. George flags etc, using the excuse that it will offend minorities or those of a different religion. It’s utter crap dreamed up usually by well paid “diversity” directors employed by just about every local or regional council these days and based solely in their fantasy view of the world.
        It is true that there will be small numbers who do object, usually egged on my some militant (probably well known to the security apparatus) but, in reality, the vast majority really don’t care at all.
        The purpose though is to sensationalise the issue and get people riled up and angry, and idiots will always do so rather than ignore it and carry on regardless.

        • …I was actually a Diversity Instructor for US DoD for part of my 25 year career. But that was about teaching people…(mostly Americans)…how to interact and manage people from different backgrounds who were all working side-by-side…and how to be most efficient. Now they use “diversity” as a weapon to divide and conquer….which is a shame.
          RJ O’Guillory

  2. Yes and then watch the disgusting bastards that ban the Nativity scene , allow some Muslim symbology or other public practice like using the town square to put their butts in the air and face and pray to mecca ! Time for a re-alignment .

    • Reality check ! The Nativity scene is a Blasphemy to the Creator,with graven images and Idols. Exodus 20:4
      “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is
      in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”
      2 Kings 17:41
      “So these nations feared the Lord, and served their graven images, both their children, and their children’s children: as did their fathers, so do they unto this day.” It is a Snare for the Christians who don’t realize that Saturnalia was renamed by the Catholic church in Rome “Christmas” ! http://www.hope-of-israel.org/cmas1.htm

          • No, your reply was “hate Christ even more than the muzzies do.”
            You said that ‘muzzies’ hate Christ.
            This is a lie, as stupid as saying that Christians hate Mary, Christ’s mother.
            Someone else can comment on your Jewish canard.

          • And some so-called Christians love oil so much that they drop bombs on Muslim children, they kill 500,000 children and think that “it is worth it”
            Go to church and pray for wisdom.

          • I don’t think Christianity has anything to do with oil companies unethical business practices. That’s bridging a pretty big gap. I believe it’s more of corporate greed and political corruption. For example the genocide in Indonesia and East Timor was a result of oil company attempts to get the government to displace many ethnic groups, many who were Christians. The resulting hundreds of thousands of lives lost was a result of oil company greed. Much of this behavior is rooted in common business practice by oil producing nations and the oil companies themselves. As a matter of fact the Catholic Church was one of the few organizations that documented and cried out to stop the genocide in Indonesia and other oil displacement efforts in Africa.

          • And yet you feel fine with labelling ‘Muzzies’.
            Islam has nothing to do with terrorism or ‘hating Christians’ but you still make such a comment.
            Why not apologise to the people you maligned, retract your comment and stick to facts.

          • You clearly did not read the comment. I have never met a Muslim who is ‘offended’ by Christmas.
            Edit to show quote :”Ahead of the Christmas holidays, the Muslim Council of Britain issued two simple Christmas greetings, ‘Keep Calm It’s Christmas’ and ‘Don’t Panic, Christmas is not Banned’.
            The message emphasised that some Muslims will join in those celebrations, remembering too that Jesus was an important Prophet of Islam. Others will not join.
            But very few Muslims will be offended at the celebrations taking place, and no one should be obliged to change their celebrations at risk of offending Muslims.”
            Unlike Puritans (who were Christians too) ;
            But at least it’s not quite 1647 when puritans banned the holiday entirely.
            A primary school trust been criticised for banning Muslim pupils from fasting during Ramadan.
            Ramadan fasting banned in 4 London primary schools
            The Chinese government has imposed its customary ban on civil servants, teachers and students from fasting during Ramadan
            Ban Ramadan advertisements, urges CAP
            Muslims sue French mayor claiming he ‘banned’ them from working during Ramadan.

          • I understand. It’s too bad that idiots are banning a fast, this is not acceptable. Well China that’s a hard egg to crack, but I certainly wouldn’t expect any progress anytime soon. I know Muslims of true faith respect Jesus and us Christians as we in turn love and respect our Islamic brothers and sisters. Unfortunately the PC crowd seek to erradicate freedom of religion for us Christians. They are scared of you Muslims right now and hide behind Christian constructs to shelter themselves from backlash but they are not of Christian faith. Their Godlessness will run them to ruin as they fight to prevent us from celebrating our faith. Many employers in America do not permit Christians to wear symbols of our faith, and as a descendant of the Mayflower and a son of the American Revolution and Yankee son of the Civil War, I find it very disturbing that these idiots feel they jave the right to tell any American that they cannot practice their religion. As a veteran of several wars and conflicts, who served with Muslims, Jews, and Christians, it pisses me off that any self proclaimed educated American would discourage anyone from practising their faith. From my perspective you have the right to be offended but you don’t have the right to prevent others from exercising their freedoms. This is where I deviate with the liberal school, and it blows my mind that they have such a robust following of young uneducated idiots.

  3. IWB should have better sense than to plug devout Zionist Geller. You think she gives a rats ass about a nativity scene or Christians? Do some homework on her past.

  4. Since the muslims don’t celebrate Christmas, give these 4 free accommodations in the local jail until the Holidays are over if they are against it. Serve them a special HAM dinner on Christmas Day…LOL.

  5. Why should Muslims care anyway? They do not celebrate Christmas (yet, anyway – how long have they been here?I) I say, “get over it”. Those 4 guys can put up a little installation for whatever holiday is meaningful to them. The tree and the menorah will have to make room.

  6. Nope ! I don’t believe it !! Muslims are not offended by Christ & Christmas, maybe the wahabi-talmudist from Yehudi Arabya ?? But the joos are offended, that’s the reality !!

  7. What a load of waffle, I AM A MUSLIM and one of my first memories of primary school was when i played one of the 3 wise men in our school nativity play!
    Another shocker for you, nearly every Muslim i know actually enjoys Christmas, its a wonderful celebration – what sort of cretin wants no part of best celebration in the Western hemisphere? There’s so much made up news and so called PC bashing its going to the world crumbling down…

  8. Note that the article doesn’t actually say one of those 4 was complaining.
    More likely than not, this is good old NWO propaganda: Make one of their shills disrupt the celebration to get everyone mad at Muslims so we’ll be more likely to bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran when Nuttyyahu calls for it.

  9. The real people offended by Christian signs of the season are the arab’s closest semite cousins, the jews. They have been at the forefront, yet in the shadows, orchestrating the drive. This has been going on for over 100 years in the US.

  10. thats hilarious!!!!! gee, i guess the town officials follow and fall for the propaganda that the evil muslims will go off and decide to become terrorists overnight. lol lol

  11. This is a new twist .. the ACLU pretending to be fighting for Muslims instead of Jews? Don’t be fooled. It’s the Zionist/Communists that want to destroy Christianity in the US the way they did in Russia. Today Christianity is on the rise in Russia while still on the slides in the USA. Putin IS a follower of Jesus Christ .. a man of peace.


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