GOP Congressman Of The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Peter King, Is Accusing CIA Director John Brennan Of Doing A Political "Hit Job" On Trump.

by Pamela Williams
GOP Congressman Peter King is furious with CIA Director John Brennan for doing a political “hit job” on Donald Trump. I am assuming he means “political” hit job…not a “hit job” in the true meaning of the term. He is furious, and he is now calling for an investigation into CIA Director Brennan. I agree with this, and I hope he follows through with this proposal. He is accusing Brennan of leaking information of a CIA report to the mainstream news media, while he is refusing to share it with Congress and especially the Select Committee on Intelligence, on which King serves.
It is about time that someone calls attention to CIA Director Brennan. In my opinion, due to the fact I have done research on Brennan, he is a strict Obama supporter with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I believe he is doing all of this to help Obama and to hurt President Trump. I am sure Trump is on to him, and when he is inaugurated he will look into his Intelligence Community and gain control of the out of control rogue agents within…like Director Brennan. Obama has allowed Brennan to do as he pleased, because they are both supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood. They both have refused to use the term Islamic terrorism. In fact, there is a video of Brennan speaking about how peaceful and beautiful Islam is.

According to King, Brennan has leaked to the New York Post, and the Washington Post without allowing Congress access to the actual report.  Why would he do this?  They are both left-wing Mainstream Media outlets.  Brennan needs to be disciplined for this breach of conduct.  I think Trump will look into it soon.
King said this:

‘There should be an investigation of what the Russians did, but also John Brennan and the hit job he seems to be orchestrating against the president-elect’.   

‘I’m not saying it didn’t happen,’ King added of the supposed hacking.

‘I’m just saying we’ve been given no evidence on it, when we have these stories mysteriously appearing in the newspaper.’

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Of there are those who do not agree with King, and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California is one. He said that Brennan has done an outstanding job as Director of the CIA.  He further believes that is the typical consensus of the Intelligence Community, but I doubt that.

Schiff went on to say:

Schiff also said it was ‘deeply damaging’ for the president-elect to cast doubt on the intelligence capabilities of the country he was elected to lead.  ‘For the president-elect to continue to give the Russians deniability is deeply damaging to the country,’ Schiff said.  ‘He is doing damage to himself and to his ability to lead the country when he becomes president — we are going to have a national security crisis at some point,’ he added. 

I hope Brennan and Schiff both will soon be put in their place by President Trump.  I would pay to see it.


The CIA has refused to brief Congress about the evidence of Russian hacking in the 2016 election. He made it clear that he had not heard any evidence to that effect, except for what he heard in the media. Sen. Harry Reid said the same thing earlier this week.
“It’s almost as if people in the intelligence community are carrying out a disinformation campaign against the President-elect of the United States,” King said. “It’s absolutely disgraceful.”  “Somebody had the time to leak it to the Washington Post, but they don’t have the time to come to Congress. It is the House Committee on Intelligence that absolutely has the jurisdiction over the CIA and the intelligence community,” he said. “It is their job to come. They don’t have any choice.”

Author Ed Klein told Friday’s edition of ‘Fox & Friends’ that he has a “high level” source who told him that FBI Director James Comey personally called president-elect Donald Trump and told him that there is no evidence that Russia hacked the U.S. election specifically to help Trump, and that the only person who thinks that such a thing happened is CIA Director John Brennan. Klein says that Comey told Trump that Brennan has politicized the operations of the CIA “in the same way that Eric Holder politicized the Justice Department.”

Published on Dec 19, 2016

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4 thoughts on “GOP Congressman Of The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Peter King, Is Accusing CIA Director John Brennan Of Doing A Political "Hit Job" On Trump.”

  1. Clearly, CIA Director John Brennan has become a threat to the Republic. From all appearances, he is a key instrument in an orchestrated coup against the President elect. Why is he still a free man?

  2. What to make of this? He “almost” has balls? “I’m not saying they didn’t……..hacking”? I’ll say it. NO, they didn’t “HACK” anything. The information was leaked, and good on ’em.
    Stupid politicians. I’m sick of them. mealy-mouthed, self-serving liars, the lot of them. Besides, if Trump has a brain this guy’s career with the agency has slightly over a month to run. After that, I would have him fitted for an orange jumpsuit.


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