Just so you know, South Dakota doesn’t have a low number of cases, we are being refused testing and our governor is the reason we are 1 in 5 states refusing to implement any stay-home orders.

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by muffin_fiend

I live in Rapid City South Dakota. My mother is a 66 year old disabled senior who has been sick since March 18th with a constant fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and fatigue. The day before she came down with a fever she had been with my 3 month old son and my husband who has been doctor-ordered self-quarantined due to his sever immune deficiency. On this day my mother was helping us by taking my son to the pediatrician while I was at work. My father is also a truck driver who has been delivering to all the hotspot cities and recently came back from Denver, Colorado.

My mother called 4 different healthcare facilities, received the same worthless questionnaire, and has been refused COVID testing on 6 separate accounts. The last nurse literally said “even if your husband had symptoms, we still wouldn’t be able to test either of you.” My mother’s primary doctor’s office has bared all respiratory patients as has mine and are referring them to Urgent Care offices. When she was seen at the Urgent Care Friday the 3rd, given no tests, no chest xray, and was sent home with azithromycin. She has not responded to the antibiotics and is feeling worse.

When our 130,000 plus elderly population becomes critically ill and the efforts of all other states are single handedly destroyed by our negligence, please be sure to thank Kristi Noem for those deaths and shattered families.



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