Just Sold My FNGD

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by Adam Taggart

I’m letting you know that I’ve just sold (nealy all) of my position in the FNGD ETF.

Frankly, I’d have been happy to stay in it given how much further I think the market will ultimately fall; but I was able to exit at a 52% gain in just a little over 3 months. That’s good enough for me at this point.

There’s a high enough risk of another rescue rally (or two) before these ‘frankenmarkets’ finally roll over for good, so I’m going to take my winnings off of the table and be ready to re-enter should TPTB orchestrate a save here.

And if they don’t, and the market heads straight down from here? I’ll be happily watching from the sidelines in cash earning 2%+ at TreasuryDirect, eagerly awaiting the coming time when I can deploy that capital to buy quality assets at far better valuations than today.

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: This is NOT personal financial advice. The investment choices I’ve made are based on my own unique situation, financial goals and risk tolerance. And I may change these choices at any moment given new market developments. What’s appropriate for me may not be for you, so DO NOT blindly duplicate what I’m doing.

As always, we recommend working with a professional financial adviser to build an investment plan customized to your own needs and objectives. (If you do not have a financial adviser or do not feel comfortable with your current adviser’s expertise in the market risks we discuss here at PeakProsperity.com, consider scheduling a free consultation with our endorsed adviser)


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