Just When President Trump Launches Probe Into Fake Votes, A Brave Journalist To Hand Evidence Of Mass Voter Fraud To Him

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Pbs.org reports:
President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday launching a commission to review alleged voter fraud and voter suppression, building upon his unsubstantiated claims that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election.
The White House said the president’s “Advisory Commission on Election Integrity” would examine allegations of improper voting and fraudulent voter registration in states and across the nation. Vice President Mike Pence will chair the panel and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will be vice chair of the commission, which will report back to Trump by 2018.
Trump has alleged, without evidence, that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in his 2016 campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton. He has vowed since the start of his administration to investigate voter fraud, a process that has been delayed for months.
Democrats and voting rights groups called the panel a sham, arguing there are few, if any, credible allegations of significant voter fraud. They warned that the panel would be used to lay the groundwork for stricter voting requirements that could make it more difficult for poor and minority voters to access the ballot box.
“The sole purpose of this commission is to propagate a myth and to give encouragement to Republican governors and state legislators to increase voter suppression,” said Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who challenged Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York said it was a “clear front for constricting the access to vote to poor Americans, older Americans, and — above all — African Americans and Latinos.”
White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the commission would be bipartisan and composed of about a dozen members, including current and former state election officials and experts.
“The president is committed to the thorough review of registration and voting issues in federal elections and that’s exactly what this commission is tasked with doing,” Sanders said.
The panel will aim to ensure confidence in the integrity of federal elections while looking at vulnerabilities in the system and the possibility of improper voting and fraudulent voter registration and voting, officials said.
The commission will include two Republicans, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, and two Democrats, New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner and Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap.

Infowars.com reports:
Following President Trump’s announcement of a voter fraud task force, journalist James O’Keefe vowed to aid the administration.
“We have troves of footage proving that #voterfraudisreal, and we would be happy to cooperate with @POTUS’s voter fraud probe,” a tweet from O’Keefe Thursday reads.
O’Keefe’s media outlet Project Veritas was credited during the 2016 US presidential election with taking down Democrat party “dark operatives” who were paid to stage violence at rallies and blame Trump supporters. As a result two operatives, Robert Creamer and Scott Foval, were fired.
A subsequent exposé released days after Project Veritas’ first report also caught Clinton campaign operatives scheming on how to “successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”

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Reminder that they found 24 million illegal votes in 2012.


18 thoughts on “Just When President Trump Launches Probe Into Fake Votes, A Brave Journalist To Hand Evidence Of Mass Voter Fraud To Him

  1. The whole political class in the US is corrupt to the core, republicans and democrats. Vote fraud is endemic, part of the fabric of US elections since the beginning. But we we might guess today, vote fraud has reached a whole new level. And don’t think for a moment the FBI doesn’t know about it, doesn’t know who the players are and how its done. The FBI works for the fraudsters and not the American people. That’s why nothing is ever done about it. Trump may try to stop it, but he will have to clean up the FBI and law enforcement before anything substantive is done about it.

    • they don’t have to look far, guess who makes the diebold voting machines? watch the documentary”hacking america”

  2. Of course there is voter fraud. That was cemented into US elections back in 2002 with the Help America Vote Act of Congress that assured that elections would be counted with hackable paperless electronic contraptions. The problem is there is also along with that the bait-and-switch endemic in all our political discussions, which will assure that no good will come from any investigation. I was going to vote in 5 states last election but the plane tickets were so pricy, my schedule was tight and I really didn’t care who won so I just voted in one state this time around.

  3. The system is just to corrupt for anything to actually work in getting rid of it all. A good start would be proper ID, paper ballots and checks and balances all the way through the process with jail terms or very stiff fines for even the smallest of infractions.
    Not really sure how to get around the whole fixing before people get to the poles where they choose between the lesser of two evils though…
    I guess a start there would be gutting the feds power over the states and going back to the way the UNITED States was first set up.
    Am Canadian so am pretty confused by your guys system as it really seems overcomplicated to me.

  4. President Trump is Spot On AGAIN…there are literally millions of illegal voters that Ozobo encouraged to vote ILLEGALLY…Plus, there are tons of cases from Sea to Shining Sea of other nefarious voter fraudsters , so what is the mystery exactly?

    • The mystery is “who, exactly, is doing it?”
      Obviously it’s not “the Republicans”, given the fraud worked for Clinton in 2016 and probably for Obomber in 2012.
      It’s also not “the Democrats” because 2004 fraud worked for Bush (see Ohio).
      Of course it’s the puppeteers who largely pull the strings of the puppets in both parties (and who like putting the puppet less likely to do anything independently of their pulling into power) — but who exactly is involved?
      Of course there’s some obvious suspects, but I don’t think anyone but them has the complete answer to that.

    • then why is the orange clown letting 60000 muslims in this country this year? you ignorant clown supporters are so dumbed down, you cant even make any common sense of any of this corruption………….

      • “We” appreciate your most informed view point and it appears that most of us “clowns” know where the corruption lies and what needs to happen to stop it. Apparently President Trump does too. BTW there are actual immigrants who CAN come into the country legally every year.

        • alright legal huh? most people dont know that under the clown and rex tillerson security of state, illegals are being flown in to airports at midnight that are neither VETTED OR IDENTIFIED, AND ARE CARRYING MANY DISEASES and are given all forms of benefits including SS DISABILITY, talk about treason, and they are staying in this country for good……….

          • If true then they’re carrying out some of the same agenda of the Obama Administration except they are now going after the criminal element. I think you’ll find that one of the Presidents ways to fund positive projects in our country is cutting out precisely what you detail. We are currently paying millions upon millions for “free” stuff illegal aliens and sanctuary are getting. Cut the vitriol and give President Trump a chance or are you afraid he may actually end up helping our country? Time will prove the nay sayers are wrong. Trumps not perfect but who is?

          • are you low on brain cells, do you understand english? the traitor clown is letting in illegal filth from other countries , UNVETTED , AND CARRYING MANY DISEASES AND HIDING THEM IN CITIES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, with benefits that some citizens cant get, you blind buttlicking orange clown supporters will never get it, he is a criminal , get it ? he lies and says he is closing the border, but flying the filth in instead, an eight grader would understand this law breaking and would want it stopped, please grow up and help stop this…….

  5. It takes long but use the canadian system. Count by hand three times with a resentative from each party observing the total transparent process.

  6. Time to go back to paper ballots, and forget Diebolt, chad and mechanical-levered voting machines!
    Dear President Trump;
    Could you please appoint Rep. Trey Gowdy (R SC) to head the FBI, as per petition which is currently circulating?

  7. the entire election process, circus, has been fraudulent for over 100 yrs. when will the sheeple get it. so sing a song of 6 pence will chair an investigation? how about independent persons if any can be found?

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