Canada's Minister Justin Trudeau Sets World Record in Avoiding Questions

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Traitor Trudeau avoids ethics questions 18 times in a row in Canadian Parliament (a new world record?)… besides this, I wonder how many times he has met with George Soros?

That’s parliament’s version of pleading the 5th.
Rules of parliament, you cannot call him a liar.
Eighteen minutes of Trudeau dodging the same very simple question posed to him. The question is “how many times have you met with the ethics commissioner?”, and for eighteen minutes he answers it in the exact same way every time. And no, there is never a number in his answer.
Treasonous bastard.

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3 thoughts on “Canada's Minister Justin Trudeau Sets World Record in Avoiding Questions

  1. This makes me appreciate the regular and extensive access the press has to our current crop of American politicians. So many press conferences, so rich in information. Putin can talk for hours to the press but Americans get tweets.

  2. I have seen more than one photo of Trudeau meeting with Soros. By the look on Trudeau’s face, he worships Soros – pathetic. How many times he has met with Soros?….quite a few times i would guess. After all, both Soros and Trudeau are in the business of making whites irrelevant, if not outright genocided, in order to promote globalism via massive 3rd world invasion.

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