The Top Three Things That the MSM are Purposely Not Reporting

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by Mark Angelides

The Main Stream Media’s reutation has long been sullied by biased reporting, basic shilling, and Fake News creation. But the extent to which they have purposely been not reporting on major Global issues can give us a keen insight into what specific agenda they are pushing. The following is a Top Ten list of events and happenings that have received either Zero or very little MSM coverage.
1. The fact that Asylum Seekers are not counted in with the Refugee figures, and that there is no upper limit on the number of Asylees the USA takes
Congress argues over the figure of refugees that should be taken in each year, at present it’s around 90,000 with a 14,000 possible overspill. And whilst many of us would suggest that this is too many, the fact is that many, many more are actually being given status in the US. And simply, the MSM (although they are fully aware), does not even mention the Asylum seekers who are NOT COUNTED in the Refugee figures. According to the State Department, there is “no upper-limit” on this number and it is not available through an internet search.
2. Liberal Judges are handing out sentences of 364 days to violent criminals so they can avoid deportation.
The recent case of the African migrant who killed two doctors at their penthouse in Boston is a perfect, timely example. After committing 2 armed bank robberies, the Judge decided to only sentence him to 364 days. The sentence was expressly given to ensure that he would not face deportation (which kicks in at 365 days). He them went on to kill the two doctors. These deaths were completely avoidable. But this is not an isolated incident, this is a common occurrence in courts across the nation…Liberal Judges putting the lives of citizens at risk because they don’t feel violent felons should have o leave America?!?!?!
3.Election Polls were clearly rigged in Clinton’s favour to inflict damage on the Trump campaign.
Many polls were carried out to allegedly inform the nation of everyone else’s voting intention, but in reality, they were used to convince and persuade Americans that Trump stood no chance to win. The reality was, that the polls were unfairly rigged in quite an obvious way that the MSM knew about but refused to report.
In a poll that showed Clinton wining with 58%, if you dig into the source material, you’ll see that 70% of the respondents were Registered Democrats. And in another poll, they only carried out the questioning after asking to speak to the youngest person in the house.

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7 thoughts on “The Top Three Things That the MSM are Purposely Not Reporting

  1. The Clinton Crime Machine. No list complete without the thousands of violations of espionage statutes and the Clinton charity fraud.
    Oh, agree with Tom; “Where’s Pizzagate?”

  2. It was very obvious about the polling. Hillary had no rally’s to speak of and when she did it was a controlled event with 50 people, Trump attracted thousands. those of us who watched him from the start knew this.

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