BREAKING NEWS – Developing Story – GOP Lobbying Firm Raided By FBI – Trump Cancels Visit.

by Pamela Williams
This is a developing story.  President Trump had a visit scheduled with the FBI today.  No doubt he wanted to assure those at the Agency he was not in the process of tearing them apart.  Immediately following testimony by fill-in FBI Director Andrew McCabe, it seems the FBI carried out a raid on the Strategic Campaign Group, a Republican party consulting firm, in Annapolis.
Kelly Rogers, president of the group, said a half-dozen F.B.I agents arrived at his offices in the morning with a search warrant and seized multiple records. He says the raid was centered on an investigation related to a lawsuit filed by former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli. But, the F.B.I. has not confirmed this.
Trump was told that his visit to the FBI would not be welcomed, as he had just fired FBI Director James Comey.  Frankly, I think that a big part of the FBI had wanted rid of James Comey since the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  I think we will see a future scandal breaking on James Comey soon…just my prediction.
Right as the raid was underway the F.B.I also sent out a veiled tweet from their official Twitter account, saying: “Asset forfeiture is used to disrupt, dismantle & deter those who prey on the vulnerable for financial gain.” Could this be referring to Trump’s RICO case currently being investigated by the F.B.I.? It’s certainly a possibility but it’s not certain yet.
The following has appeared on Twitter:
The really bad news is this lobbying firm is known for pioneering the use of technology in political campaigns.  It has represented GOP candidates nationwide.  However, the firm’s website mentions Paul Manafort, who is the former Trump campaign manager.
Strategic Campaign Group’s national clients include:

  1. Tea Party
  2. Conservative Majority Fund
  3. Maryland House Minority Leader Nic Kipke.
  4. Delegate Pat McDonough
  5. Gov. Larry Hogan
  6. GOP caucus


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