As Trump Begins Voter Fraud Investigations, Don’t Miss the Bigger Picture of What is Really Happening in the Presidency

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by Mark Angelides

The much coveted (and long overdue) look into dodgy electoral practices and voter fraud is a great step forward in ensuring that everyone’s vote actually counts for something. By so publically getting the investigation started, Donald Trump has sent a message that is aimed directly at the Democrats: Play time is over.
This Executive Order needs to be looked at in a wider context, or else it’s easy to miss what’s going on. This is the Presidential fight back. Trump ahs let the Left pretty much do what they want for the last three months, all in an effort to let them wear themselves, their resources, and public sympathy down to a point where they are existing in a state of almost abject apathy. And this was the intention all along.
We are at a point where the public are so sick of the MSM, the Hollywood Machine, the unending complaints of the Left, and the complicity of 9th Circuit Judges, that anything they say or do is looked down on in disdain or ignored. President Trump has become the underdog in the eyes of America, and they will cheer him on as he goes from win to win. And perhaps this was always his intention.
If we look at the President’s actions over the last couple of weeks in combination with the crushing defeat of the Dems at the hands of Trey Gowdy et al, we can see that this is part of a “decapitato strategy”. First removing either the people (in the case of James Comey), or the credibility (in the case of Sally Yates) from a position of influence, and then going after the people who perpetuate and carry out the corruption (for example the people in James O’Keefe’s Veritas videos). These people will be squeezed to found out who ordered the “bussing in of voters”…all the way back to the top (like a political pole dance).
Had Donald Trump tried this directly after his inauguration, it would have appeared that he was just on a mission of revenge, and many would have called him to “get on with running the country”, but now he has shown that running the country can only happen when these people are out of the way.
Whatever your opinion on Donald Trump, his coordination of this is masterful. He is in a position where using Presidential process is now almost a “blue collar revolution” against the system. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s happening now.

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14 thoughts on “As Trump Begins Voter Fraud Investigations, Don’t Miss the Bigger Picture of What is Really Happening in the Presidency

  1. So let me get this straight, the Dems are the voter fraudsters and the GOP won most elections? At least since 2000, Bush v. Gore where they stole the Whitehouse. So, how does vote fraud work again? You commit fraud to lose? Just wondering.

    • The fraud is from both sides , there is really no difference from one party to the next on issues that really matter. Only on issues that superficial like gay marriage and transgender bathrooms. On really issues like unconstitutional wars , fractional reserve banking(sound money), bank fraud etc, etc… both Dems and Repuds are buddy , buddy on.
      another real issue is that they have socially engineered our society to be either Liberal or Conservative and that polarization has spread worse and worse , divided we fall and UNITED WE STAND has never been more true than now..

    • Only the Democrats were collecting homeless people and bussing them from pickup points to polling stations, and then going to additional polling stations. Only the Dems fed their candidate the questions in debates. Only the Dems took money from foreign entities and money-laundered it into their political campaign. (Clinton Foundation, Arab donations, Soros donations) So….cold340t….what exactly are you saying?

      • And the Republicans won……… Oh, and 2000 Bushjr. v. Gore election theft still stings. Also, didn’t realize Koch bro.’s were Dems. What are you trying to say?

  2. Voter fraud is a drop in the bucket. It’s election rigging that has stolen our democracy. Voting machines privately owned , wit h proprietary software that can’t be viewed by the public and a central counting hub that is and has been hacked via the Internet.

  3. The orange baboon has began voter fraud investigation? Where did you read that please inform us? dont see it nowhere.

  4. The voter fraud investigation looked at the dead on the active votes it, started in Kansas a couple of months back before coming to a neighborhood by you.
    You will be able to tell by the number of Democrats that were elected in recent local offices to the number of dead in the local cemetery that were still on the roles to vote. This going to be fun many heads will roll, Pass the pop corn.

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