Kamala Harris lied on her Financial Disclosures and is connected to multiple campaign finance violations

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by Deplorable Patriot

Kamala Harris neglected to include all her financial information in her Financial Disclosure Reports(FDR) required by the Senate. Since her first day in the Senate until 7/8/2019 she neglected to disclose one of her pension plans. That plan is named “Legislatures Retirement System”.

It wasn’t until 7/8/2019 when she finally decided to disclose the pension plan.

While filing her FDR that was required of her at the time, she  filed amended FDR’s for the years of 2015. 2016, 2017, 2018.  The amended version filed far past the allowed deadlines. Years past.

The new amended versions now include the pension plan.

If a Senator makes a error or mistakenly leaves something out of their FDR’s, they are allowed to amend their disclosure report. They are expected to have the amendment filed that same year with a reasonable excuse.

This isn’t the case with Harris. Each year she made amendments to her FDR’s she neglected to include the Pension plan. She filed at least 8 times in 4 years and didn’t include the pension plan. She really doesn’t have an excuse for her negligence.

The following images are screenshots of pages from three current amended FDR’s.

Because of the size of the files I’ve only included pages from the reports that show the  pension plan. For the same reason I’ve also left out the original FDR’s. Not to worry because I”ve included links to the original FDR’s, amended FDR’s along with sources to everything mentioned here today. These can be found at the bottom of the page.





As you can see all of these were filed at the same time and day in 2019.

It’s important to understand that a Senator can be charged with a crime if they fail to report any required information.

Having to amend the FDR every year makes a person question her motives. Withholding information then adding it on 4 years later is criminal.

The following is a basic overview of some of the Financial Disclosure rules.

Public disclosure of a public official’s personal financial interest is often considered the key component to an effective code of conduct.  The drafters of the original Senate Code of Official Conduct in the 95th Congress considered “full and complete disclosure” to be the heart of the Code of Conduct. Pursuant to statute and Senate rules, Members, officers, certain employees of the Senate (including fellows and government employees detailed to the Senate), and Senate candidates are required to file comprehensive public financial disclosure reports. The Senate has required public reporting by statute and by Senate Rule since 1978.” 

Members, officers, and certain employees of the United States Senate, related offices, and candidates for the Senate are required by Title I of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended (the “Act,” 5 U.S.C. app., Section 101 et seq., also adopted as Senate Rule 34) and Senate Rule 41.1 to file Financial Disclosure Reports with the Secretary of the Senate, Office of Public

“The Act gives the Senate Select Committee on Ethics  the authority to administer the law for the Senate, promulgate the Senate Financial Disclosure Report Forms and Instructions, and issue advisory opinions regarding the Act for the Senate and related offices and Senate candidates.”

In addition to any Committee action, the Ethics in Government Act authorizes the Attorney General of the United States to seek a civil penalty of up to $50,000 against an individual who knowingly and willfully falsifies or fails to file or to report any required information.  Moreover, anyone who knowingly and willfully falsifies or conceals any material fact in a statement to the Government may be subject to fines, criminal prosecution, and sentencing.
See 5 U.S.C. appx. § 104(a)”.

I should point out that it doesn’t appear that she disclosed the pension plan when she filed her taxes. To be fair, it might not be required.  I’m not an expert on taxes.  I’ll  provide a link  to the tax forms she has released to the public.  I should mention that the documents appear to be incomplete and there is no way of knowing if these are the actual forms she gave to the IRS.

*Tax forms revealed,  Kamala Harris donated her clothes to Goodwill and used the receipt for a $15,000 write off on her taxes

It looks like  Harris only updated her disclosures when she decided to run for president.  This sort of criminal behavior is to be expected from Harris.  If you were to look at her campaign  at the Federal Election  Commission(FEC)  you would find that her “Kamala Harris for the People” committee and her “Kamala Harris for Senate” committee are connected to multiple  Campaign Finance violations. The most frequent violation is for accepting donations from ineligible sources.  Joe Biden has the same problems but by far more.  I’ll discuss that in the near future.  I should mention that many of the ineligible sources are the same in both the Biden and Harris committees.

Here is examples.  Names have been redacted because of FEC laws.


If you  look at the entry that is dated 11/30/19 the unredacted page would show that this is the same person.  That many donations in one day should raise some flags.   Sometimes there will be donations almost daily through out  the year,  from the same sources.  That should also raise some flags.

Clicking on the names of the committees above will take you to the FEC pages I just mentioned.  Just open the RFAI files.

*Closer examination of people/businesses  on the receiving end  of some of  her committee  disbursements  will reveal that she paid at least one business that is using an address that comes up vacant.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, Kamala Harris is a liar and a  criminal.

Files and sources click here


Deplorable Patriot


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