Kamala Harris Mocked After CNN Clip Shows Her Sitting Across Room From Interviewer – Despite Both Being Vaccinated

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KAMALA Harris has been mocked for extreme social distancing after she sat on the opposite side of the room to CNN host Dana Bash during an interview on Sunday – despite both of them having been vaccinated.

Appearing on State of the Union yesterday, Harris addressed the border crisis and said it’s something that can’t be “solved overnight” while sitting around 12-feet away from Bash.

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The comically large distance between the Vice President and the host didn’t go unmissed on social media and elicited a flurry of angered reactions and amusing commentary.

“Can you scooch back just a little?” one user joked. “Thanks! Little more though? Now just scooch a bit more. Juuust a bit more. Scooch a touch more? Thanks, a little more. CAN YOU HEAR ME? I SAID A BIT MORE! Can she [see] me waving my hand? Call her cell. Kamala? It’s Dana, can you scooch a bit more?”

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