Kamala Harris Pushes to Make the Rolling Blackouts Taking Place in California a Standard for the Nation

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this article from 2002:

Enron linked to California blackouts

Traders said manipulation began energy crisis

LOS ANGELES (CBS.MW) — Two days of rolling blackouts in June 2000 that marked the beginning of California’s energy crisis were directly caused by manipulative energy trading, according to a dozen former traders for Enron and its rivals.

The blackouts left more than 100,000 businesses and residential customers in the dark for parts of two days, trapped people in elevators and shut down some offices of high-tech companies such as Cisco Systems and Apple Computer, as well as chipmaking plants, costing millions of dollars in lost revenue….

continued here:

Venezuela blackouts: ‘We can’t go on living like this’

Power outages are nothing new for Venezuelans, including Diaz, who lives with his wife and three daughters in a Caracas suburb. But with the government’s recent announcement of a formal rolling blackout program set to last at least 40 days, things have only gotten worse, he said….



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