Kamala Harris Struggles To Come Up With A Reason Why You Should Vote For Her

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via redstate:

“So how are you different from — I mean obviously besides from being yourself and your background, but as far as policy goes, as far as a plan goes, how are you different?” Kimmel followed. “Because, for me, what I need to figure out is, ‘Okay, there’s a lot of people here.’ How do you distinguish?”

“That’s fair … Obviously it’s going to be a long campaign and all of us will, you know, have opportunities to speak and the voters will learn more and obviously, voters ultimately will make the decision,” Harris said, taking her time to answer.

“I think one of the distinctions is, um … I have a background in having been a leader and I think that the voters are going to decide who will be the next commander in chief and president of the United States based on experience of leading. I have led on a local government level, state government, and now federal government.”

This doesn’t set her apart from any of the other candidates. Many of the politicians here have had leadership experience on some level or another. Harris essentially admitted on national television that she’s got nothing.

I thought Beto was the Ted Kennedy retread during this presidential primary season.

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