Kamala Harris to DNC: Remind Voters “They Got What They Ordered” With Biden (video)

Vice President Kamala Harris told Democrats at the party’s winter meeting on Saturday that the winning midterm message is to “remind” voters that they got what they voted for.

“I know, and I believe we know, when we show what we have accomplished just in a year, and when we show it as because the American people voted, I believe we will meet the moment again,” Harris said on Saturday at the Washington Hilton. “But that is our task. Our task is to show people that, in many ways, they got what they ordered. Right?”


They ordered…..

1. The highest inflation since the 1973 oil crisis.

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2. Starting a war with Russia by blocking NORD Stream 2 pipeline.

3. Hoards of criminals, drugs and penny-less skill-less people illegally coming in our southern border.

4. Promoting “green new deal”, then after a year in office have not even 1 proposal for a major green power plant(500MW+). Then returning the US to dependency on foreign oil.

This is what they voted for, right?


h/t Remedial_Rebel


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