Kamala seriously BTFO by CBS interview…… LMAO!! Shut her up real quick!

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You see what they’re doing right? – CBS, CNN, all of them. They’re trying to slowly introduce a false dichotomy. They’ve been all in with the TDS for years now, and all of the sudden when the chips are down for the liberal lunatics, they start assassinating and attacking their own. Very quietly, very subtly. Don’t fall for it. When this shit is over, our duty to this country is to make sure that these MSM traitors lose everything. WE ARE THE NEWS. – NOT THESE CORPORATIONS. Their influence has to come to an end. They must be destroyed. They’ve already discredited themselves. Only thing left to do at this point is to ignore them into obscurity. Defund them. Keep track of who’s running them. Keep tabs on what they are doing, but as far as their news go? They shouldn’t even fucking exist. These little displays of “integrity” or “real journalism” or “holding (insert liberal/swamp creature here)’s feet to the fire” etc. – It’s all bullshit. All of it. Don’t fall for it. END THEM.

LOL! Biden Tells 60 Minutes that Kamala Harris is ‘Smart as the Devil”



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