Kansas family warns others that Medicaid can take your house

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ELMWOOD, KS (KCTV) — A Kansas family is warning others that Medicaid can take your house.

It’s a lesson learned the hard way after a grandmother battled cancer and spent her final years in a nursing home.

“People need to know they are going to do this. People need to know they can take away your homes if they help your parents,” Janie Lucas warns.

Treva Bollman worked for years and paid taxes before cancer hit hard. There were surgeries and Bollman needed nursing care.

“It was a long hard battle,” Lucas said.

Bollman had Medicare and then Medicaid as a secondary insurance.

The family says the question if Bollman understood the strings attached.

The state recently put what’s called a “post death Medicaid Lien” on the property.

“We get this letter after she gets sick. Saying they want it now. it’s no longer mine and that’s not right,” Walter Bollman said.

“For the state to say we helped you now we want our money back. It’s almost half a million dollars,” Lucas said.


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