Karl Denninger: It Has Been Set In Motion – The Keystone Pipeline Shutdown is Far, Far More Important Than Many Realize

It Has Been Set In Motion
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Like it or not, folks, this is like a ship — or a train.

If your car stalls on a train track, and a train is coming,
you run — toward the train and alongside the track. Why?

Because it cannot stop, it will destroy your vehicle with
certainty, if you’re in it you will be destroyed, and the
pieces will be thrown forward so you must run the other way,
not sideways or in the direction where the pieces will be
thrown lest one or more of them kill you.

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Joe Biden’s administration killed Keystone. This action,
like Jimmy Carter’s shutdown of nuclear fuel reprocessing,
was entirely intentional. Its purpose was to cripple oil
and gas production and even if reversed by a subsequent
administration will do so because no private enterprise in
its right mind will ever spend a nickel where it can be
destroyed without compensation by executive fiat in the

Carter’s order was voided by Ronald Reagan on his first day
in office. It didn’t matter. There is still, forty years
, no commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing industry in
the United States.

This is a serious matter folks because now, without strong
legislative or even Constitutional protection we are facing
a price spike problem on the input side of everything. You
can dream of “green energy” all you want, but the fact of
the matter is that we use hydrocarbons simply because they
are more cost-efficient and reliably available; the so-
called “green” alternatives are neither.



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