Karl Denninger Makes the Case that What NATO is Doing With Regards to Russia is Illegal: “NATO Is Invalid And The Nations In It Deserve What They Get

NATO Is Invalid And The Nations In It Deserve What They Get

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Everyone wishes to argue “Article 5” of the NATO treaty,
which is the mutual-defense pact. You get attacked and we
all get attacked.


What does Article I say?

The Parties undertake, as set forth in the Charter of the
United Nations, to settle any international dispute in which
they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that
international peace and security and justice are not
endangered, and to refrain in their international relations
from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent
with the purposes of the United Nations.

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Shipping arms into an area where armed conflict is either
occurring or threatening to occur, where the destination is
NOT a NATO member and thus is NOT subject to NATO’s mutual
defense obligations is a clear violation of Article I. It
is escalatory, it is a threat to use force or enables the
actual use of force, and thus is a clear violation of
Article I.

How about Article 8?

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