KAROL MARKOWICZ: The vaccine slow roll. When Ron DeSantis blames local officials, CNN reporters tear into him. When Cuomo does it? Crickets

via spectator.us:

DeSantis could be faulted perhaps for not streamlining the process to get the vaccination to the elderly. But in New York, the elderly are not even eligible for vaccination and few journalists seem to have a problem with this. Vaccination is currently limited to only healthcare workers and nursing home residents and staff.

In fact, it’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has fallen out of favor with the left and therefore can get the Republican treatment from the media, who is pushing to have elderly vaccinated immediately.

On Monday, Mayor de Blasio asked the state to allow the city to vaccinate essential workers who are 75 years old and up. Cuomo said nope and that was the end of that. Cuomo also blamed local officials for the fact that the city had only used up 25 percent of their vaccine supply. When DeSantis blames local officials, he gets torn into by CNN. When Cuomo does it, it’s crickets.


It’s good to have the support of the DNC-MSM:

● Future Biden Coronavirus task force member Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel in the Atlantic in 2014: Why I Hope to Die at 75.

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